The Airbnb Community Fund

Two people kneel over white bowls of food that have been placed on a tan and blue carpet.
A person wearing a gray sweater blazer smiles standing in front of a window and dark wall.
People carry baskets through an open field of flowering plants under clear blue skies.
A person wearing a blue scarf and vest exits a stone building while carrying two plates of food.
A person holds up a handcrafted doll that is dressed in yellow, blue, and red stripes.
Two people smile and talk while holding and looking at a spiral notebook.
A person with long braids and a yellow blouse smiles in front of a grove of trees.
Created in 2020, the Airbnb Community Fund is part of our commitment to serve our stakeholders and give back in the places our Hosts call home. The Community Fund will distribute $100 million USD by the end of 2030 to strengthen communities around the world.
We work closely with stakeholders, including Airbnb Hosts, to identify causes that are important to them and support organizations making a difference in those areas. These include issues like environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, mental health, and ending abuse and exploitation.

Partnering with Hosts

Airbnb Hosts play a critical role in the Community Fund. Our Host Advisory Board helps identify causes to support, and local Host Clubs nominate organizations to receive funding. In 2023, these included: