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    Koje prednosti domaćinima donose noviteti koji se odnose na duže rezervacije

    Novi alati za pretraživanje i nove opcije plaćanja mogu pridonijeti tome da više gostiju ugovara duže rezervacije.
    Autor: Airbnb (30. svi 2023.)
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    Ažurirano 30. svi 2023.

    Travelers worldwide are using Airbnb to take longer trips. Nearly one in five nights booked is part of a stay that’s 28 nights or more.* The latest features make it easier for guests to find and book monthly stays.

    Search and booking features

    The upgrades, announced as part of the Airbnb 2023 Summer Release, include:

    • Improved monthly search. A Monthly tab makes it easier to search listings available for longer stays. Guests can edit their start date, then select the duration of their trip on a dial, from one to 12 months.
    • Listing highlights in search. Key amenities like fast wifi, a dedicated workspace, an EV charger, and kid-friendly items (cribs, high chairs, toys, etc.) appear below your listing title in search results.
    • Lower service fees. We’re reducing our guest service fee for those who book longer trips, starting in the fourth month of their stay.
    • Monthly payment schedule. A guest pays for the first 30 nights of a longer stay when they book and the remaining balance in monthly installments. At checkout, they get a schedule showing installment dates and amounts due, so they can plan for their trip expenses.
    • Discounts when paying by bank. U.S. residents can get a discount on worldwide stays of 28 nights or more when they pay from a linked U.S. bank account. The booking must be completed at least seven days before check-in.     

    The new features don’t affect Host earnings or change the payout schedule for longer stays.

    Highlights on listing pages

    You can encourage guests to book by setting a monthly discount and updating your listing to include all of your current amenities. Amenities popular for longer stays get automatically highlighted at the top of listing pages.

    For example, a guest searching for a three-month stay in the San Francisco Bay Area might find a listing with this info prominently displayed:

    • Pay by month. You’ll pay in monthly installments.
    • Great for remote work. Fast wifi at 350 Mbps, plus a dedicated workspace.
    • Amenities for everyday living. The Host has equipped this place for long stays—kitchen, washer, dryer, and free parking included.

    If you’re a new Host who would like one-to-one support with longer stays, click here and we’ll match you with a Superhost Ambassador for help. 

    *Based on internal Airbnb global data, stays of 28 nights or more accounted for 21% of nights booked in 2022 and 18% of nights booked in the first three months of 2023.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    30. svi 2023.
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