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Хинкали и Хачапури - готовьте легко
Мастер класс Грузинской Кухни Научимся готовить Хинкали и Хачапури по-Имеретински под руководством Шеф повара одного из самых вкусных ресторанов в Тбилиси: – обучение мастерству приготовления 2 блюд Хинкали и Хачапури – тарелка с местными Грузинским сырами – салат из незабываемых Грузинских помидоров и огурцов с Кахетинским ароматным маслом – Грузинское домашнее вино – ну и забавные истории о городе Тбилиси План: - Вы приходите к нам в гости. Проходите к большому столу в зале. Надеваете фартуки. - Мы угощаем вас большими бокалами домашнего Грузинского вина и ассорти из грузинских сыров. Знакомимся и начинаем подготавливать тесто для Хачапури. - Пока тесто поднимается повар рассказывает о всех видах Хачапури и регионах их происхождения. - Потом мы готовим начинку для Хинкали под истории о них и забавные случаи. Учимся плести красивые складки на хинкали и правильно отрывать хвостики - Подходит тесто на Хачапури. Собираем и раскатываем хачапури и отдаем его на кухню в печь. - Пока все печется и варится повар рассказывает о Грузинских специях и способах их применения в ваших любимых блюдах. - Когда еда готова - мы подаем салат из свежих овощей с кахетинским маслом и приготовленные вами блюда по 5 хинкали на человека и один Хачапури на 1-4 человека
Chill Easy, explore popular and hidden bars in Tbilisi
Tbilisi has always been known as a multinational, peaceful, and historical city. Well, it still does. But one thing that made Tbilisi more famous in another way – its Nightlife. Spending these evenings with us is a great possibility for the main reasons: 1. To have the best possible experience in Tbilisi. 2. To make new local and traveler friends. 3. To explore the various nightlife places in Tbilisi. We will start at the most popular pre-party yard. I will give a brief about each point and teach you some useful "tricks" Then everybody gets welcome shots and, we warm-up for the evening. Since we all know each other, the party moved to another district. Full of Live music pubs, clubs, LGBT bars, cozy cafes, and hidden bars. Here we will visit three different concept bars. Nightlife is rising in popularity when having nightclubs such as "Bassiani", and others is a logical process. But here is a place that might be the turning point in the recognition of the city. For the last, we go to the oldest "underground" bar in the country. The respected pioneer of Tbilisi nightlife. The cornerstone of Tbilisi has played a huge role in its overturning. If you are looking for a guide, this experience is not for you. If you are looking for a local friend, I want us to have the best possible evening in my city. We always have information on where to have a party tonight.
Wine Tasting in Historic Wine Cellar
We are a hospitable wine cellar in Tbilisi old town, which is 200 years old. Our production is exclusive and only sold in our cellar. There you can try 7 different types of wine and chacha aslo including georgian chees , As an owner, I will let costumers try our wine and give them an idea of where and how we make wine and what is the story behind our wine cellar . We also tell them about the Georgian history, traditions and culture, because our wine comes with history. Our main mission is to accept the visitors in most hospitable way, to make friends with them and give them any information they ask about the wine, Georgian History and the culture. After leaving our wine cellar ,they will know ins and out of the Georgian winemaking and Georgia as a whole. But most importantly, they will have us as a friends.
Taste Khinkali, see Kazbegi, feel happy
THE BEST OF GEORGIAN MOUNTAINS AND FOOD: a sightseeing, nature and food tour combo that you should try! Join our tour to Stepantsminda / Kazbegi and feel the true spirit of the Great Caucasus at an altitude of 2170m above the sea level. Scenic landscapes, historic sights and a delicious traditional lunch are waiting for you! We will follow the ancient Georgian Military Highway all the way up north and we'll stop at all must-see sights, such as: - the medieval Ananuri fort - the picturesque Jinvali water reservoir - the breath taking panorama view from the Friendship monument in Gudauri - mineral water springs - and of course the legendary view of Gergeti! To get there we can either hike or hire a local 4x4 car to take us up there for a small extra fee. As a special highlight we´ll take you to our favorite local countryside restaurant for a true khinkali tasting experience. Khinkali are the famous dumplings, that originated from the highlands. Here, in their homeland, they still taste very different from the Tbilisi style. Join us for a day of stunning views, thrilling history and delicious mountain food!
Small-group walking tour Tbilisi
Kickstart your trip to Tbilisi with this small-group tour! Even if you only have a short time in Tbilisi, you have to spend at least a half-day exploring the Old Town. The architecture in the city’s historic district is a mixture of Georgian, Byzantine, Oriental, and Neo-Classical European styles. Among the sites, you will visit is the Orthodox Anchiskhati Basilica, the city’s oldest church. You will also see the 13th-century churches of Sioni and Metekhi, the magnificent Narikala Fortress, perched on a hill with superb views of the city below, and the classic Freedom Square. You will then continue to one of Tbilisi’s newest attractions, the Bridge of Peace, which opened in 2010 over the River Mtkvari (also known as the Kura River). Tbilisi’s compact size means you can easily explore the nearby Synagogue, Armenian Church, and Mosque, in addition to the Georgian Orthodox churches so fundamental to Georgian culture. This peaceful co-existence of the various religions helps emphasize modern Georgian tolerance. Group tours are only available in the English language.
Тбилиси незабываемое впечатление
Живое общение с человеком, влюбленным в свой родной город, сложно заменить общеизвестными данными из обычных путеводителей. Мы команда гидов предлагаем вам сначала познакомиться с Тбилиси «для своих». А также мы предлагаем групповые и индивидуальные туры в различные уголки Грузии - Кахети, Казбеги, Мцхета Уплисцихе. Все поездки проходят на комфортабельном транспорте. Вы увидите достопримечательности и древние архитектурные памятники и услышите легенды об истории этого гостеприимного города и узнаете как сориентироваться в современном ритме Тбилиси. Мы поможем разобраться в изобилии национальных блюд и насладиться знаменитым грузинским многоголосием. Тбилиси – город с многовековой историей, он полон живописных уютных улочек, двориков, удивительных памятников древней и современной архитектуры. Серные бани, Инжировое ущелье и водопад, Крепость Нарикала, Улица-лестница, Театр марионеток Резо Габриадзе, Мост мира, Балконы на крепостной стене, Храм Анчисхати, скульптуры по рисункам Н. Пиросмани, Кафедральный собор Сиони, Метехскую церковь! Наша прогулка проходит каждый день. Мы чередуем Впечатления «Современные маршруты» и «Древние тропы», чтобы показать вам город со всех сторон. Обе прогулки проходят по старому городу. Вы увидите известные места города, секретные улочки, дворики и разные "тайные" места известные только местным.
The magical creations of western Georgia, canyon Martvili
Day trip for those who would like to discover natural monuments around Georgia: Prometheus Caves and Martvili Canyon are located in the west of Georgia. Trip also includes visiting surrounding places of these destinations which are also very beautiful. Martvili Canyon located to west Georgia. River Abasha flows through huge rocks which seems like they are splited by this waterflow. River is green coloured what makes it more beautiful. For nature lovers this place is very attractive. Many people are visiting to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and sailing by boat. Prommetheus Caves - Prometheus Cave is one of Georgia’s natural wonders and one of the largest in the world and has many underground rivers. It was discovered in 1984. Its unique features include a variety of halls and landscape diversity. Four distinct layers were formed during different stages of the Earth’s development and tourists are able to journey through the historic territory by foot or in boats. Prometheus Cave is one of the most popular international tourist caves and includes various types of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. These natural monuments are most visited places for nature lovers. But you are also offered to visit waterfall place.
Travel to the beautiful nature of Kazbegi and Trinity Church
Horseback riding in the unique nature of Kazbegi will visit the mountains, the lake, the waterfall, the mineral waters, the ancient deserted villages and the natural monuments. We also offer an unforgettable walk to Gergeti Trinity Church
Kazbegi and Truso valley off-road tour
We promise that you will see the ancient Ananuri fortress, the Zhinvali reservoir with turquoise water, the arch of friendship and ski resort Gudauri, the confluence of two rivers, and the Gergeti Holy Trinity church in Kazbegi. But that's not all – the Georgian military road has more secrets! The Truso Valley is the place where the Terek River originates and the landscapes take your breath away. Add a nice walk in the Kazbegi area in an almost abandoned valley towards the South Ossetia borders. Except for the nice nature, there are also interesting travertine formations due to local mineral springs, geysers, ancient towers, and several abandoned settlements. And of course, at the lunch, you can try the best khinkali (Georgian dumpling)! Great value for groups and single travellers. Most popular tour in Georgia in a new format! Explore more with us! Price includes: • Guiding service • Transportation by 4x4 car • Drive to the Holy Trinity Church Price excludes: • lunch (vegetarian option is available, lunch can be paid by card or cash) • personal expenses • tips for the host and driver After the tour, we can drop off you in Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) or Gudauri.
Astonishing mountains of Georgia
Day trip to Kazbegi: Discover Georgian Military Road and Astonishing Mountains. The Georgian Military Road has become famous due to the way it journeys through sweeping landscapes and up into spectacular mountain country. This day trip gives you the chance to soak up these majestic views! The tour will take you to the charming Ananuri Castle which overlooks the Jinvali Dam – a spectacle in itself. You’ll then see the Russian-Georgia Friendship Monument and visit Gudauri ski resort. One of the most impressive stops on the tour will be Gergeti Trinity Church which was built in the 14th century at an elevation of 2170 meters. You’ll visit the town of Stepantsminda which is the center of Kazbegi. From here you’ll be able to admire the third highest glacier in Georgia before walking through a stunning gorge to see Gveleti Waterfall.
Camera Obscura Workshop
At Camera Obscura workshop we will build a photo camera using a matchbox and a roll of photo film and we will also talk about the ways the light works . After our photo cameras are done we will go around the workshop space in the park to practice shooting from Camera Obscura. The workshop includes all materials that is needed for building the camera.
Full day Tour Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon - Dinner&Wine
We will pick you up at your hotel in Tbilisi. During the tour, we will visit Prometheus Cave - Natural Monument also known as Kumistavi Cave the biggest cave of Georgia. Then we'll go to Martvili canyon - a Natural Monument in Martvili village. We will visit waterfalls and take a boat trip on the river. In the evening we will have a dinner in a traditional Georgian style with national dishes of the Georgian cuisine.
Local Wine Experience in Kakheti region
First, we will visit a local wine factory, where you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with traditional and modern winemaking technology and taste different wines made of endemic grapes. After lunch you will master yourself as a baker of Georgian deda’s puri and then tasting it with local cheese and magic Chacha ( Pure alcohol made from leftovers after winemaking) After relaxing in a beautiful Bodbe monastery we will head to Sighnaghi, city of love. While exploring its ancient wall you can enjoy drinking coffee/ tea/ wine at a cafe with wonderful views. Right after the city tour we will move to the wine cellar, where you will be hosted by the local family. Here, you will soon become acquainted with the traditions of the Georgian feast (Supra- Local Causine whith an unlumited drinkings) – making toasts and drinking wine from special horns, called Kantsi. Supra Is an inseparable part of the Georgian culture frequently accompanied by folk music and traditional dances. Other things to note A few days before the start of the tour, you will be contacted via Whatsapp and added to the group where the rest of the group will be.
Georgian wine tour - done differently
This experience is designed for wine lovers looking for a countryside wine trip beyond large commercial wine tasting tour. It is a full day and all inclusive trip, we will explore countryside area of premier wine producing region- Kakheti and its wine capital - Telavi. To support local businesses, we are going to visit three small-scale wineries in nearby villages. Here you will meet local producers and taste their carefully selected artisan wines made with ancient wine making technology and lots of passion!  Throughout the day you will enjoy Georgian cuisine along with lesser-known local dishes and famous Georgian hospitality! We promise you an experience beyond typical wine tasting tour, during this trip you won’t see large tourist crowds and wine factories ! This tour can be arranged either starting from Tbilisi or anywhere from Kakheti region. Please indicate meeting point upon booking. ------------------- *Group discount for booking with 3 or more guests. *Before traveling, You can join ONLINE CULTURAL EXPERIENCE to learn more about Georgia:
Экскурсия по Кахети - Винный тур
Добро пожаловать в Грузию! Во время нашей экскурсии мы посетим самый живописный регион Грузии - Кахети или грузинский Прованс. Мы окунёмся в потрясающую атмосферу хорошего настроения, удивительных гастрономических открытый и прекрасного грузинского вина. Наш маршрут: - Тбилиси - Город Сигнахи (Прогулка по центру города и самой длиной оборонительной стене в Европе) - Бодбе - место где покоятся Мощи Святой Нино. (Фотосессия со смотровой площадки с видом на известную Алазанскую долину) - Дегустация вина на винзаводе. (Посещение самого крупного винзавода в Грузии) - Дегустация чурчхелы и других грузинских сладостей. - Дегустация горячего кахетинского хлеба и разнообразного свежего сыра. Мастер класс по приготовлению грузинского хлеба. - Дегустация грузинского вина, чачи и грузинского брэнди у частного винодела. - Тбилиси В стоимость входит: - Услуги гида. - Услуги водителя с автомобилем. - Дегустация вина в двух винодельнях. - Дегустация грузинских лакомств. - Дегустация и м/к грузинского хлеба и дегустация сыра. Поездку мы совершим на комфортабельном автомобиле с кондиционером. По желанию будем останавливаться в любом удобном месте, чтобы сделать фотографии местности на алазанской долине. N. B. Если вам понадобится дополнительная информация по туру, напишите мне я обязательно найду для вас решение.