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Place of Worship


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April 12, 2018
A short walk from Shurijo castle is Tamaudun Mausoleum, there is a small entrance fee but you will probably have the whole place to yourself as it seems to be completely overshadowed by the Castle up the road. The Mausoleum , like most such structures was damaged by recent historical events and is…
November 27, 2015
【World Heritage】 Made to bury King in 1501. Authorized in 2000 by a world heritage.
Villa Coast Nishimachi
Villa Coast Nishimachi
April 8, 2020
首里城見学前後に訪れやすい「玉陵(たまうどぅん)」は公園の西側、鬱蒼と生い茂る一画にあります。 琉球王国を統治した王家・第二尚氏王統の歴代国王が眠る陵墓です。沖縄特有の“破風墓(はふばか)”の最初ともいわれています。睡蓮や鳳凰、龍などが掘り込まれた欄干も見事です。 首里城から歩いて4分ほどなので、ぜひ足を伸ばしてみてください。
Glanz-Inn Matsuo
Glanz-Inn Matsuo
February 13, 2020
Villa Port Maejima
Villa Port Maejima
February 1, 2020

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“Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gates is sacred place to which the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom would come to worship. The stone karahafu gates are a particular feature of the site. Before leaving on travels, the king would visit the Sonohyan-utaki to pray for safety on his journey. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 200 ”
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“The tourist attraction that represents South Okinawa. In establishment of a business 40 years or more, the reputation of the time-limited event is high, too. Attraction, Restaurant Souvenirs.”
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