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Yomitan, Nakagami District – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

Theme Park
“ 水牛がいたり、琉装で記念撮影が出来ます。 Commemorative photographing can be done with buffalo or Ryukai.”
Preporučuje 56 lokalaca
Povijesna znamenitost
“Zakimi Castle is a Ryukyuan gusuku in Yomitan, Okinawa. It is in ruins, but the walls and foundations have been restored.”
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Point of Interest
“The best sunset spot. On the top of a cliff stands a 30 meter tall lighthouse offering a great opportunity to capture a view of a lifetime. There is also a small fun petting zoo and the largest Shi-shi dog in Okinawa right by the large parking lot. Explore the trails behind the lighthouse as well for some outstanding picturesque views.”
Preporučuje 27 lokalaca
Amusement Park
“Murasaki Mura is perfect for people who want to "experience" the Okinawan culture! They have many activities for people visiting Okinawa so that they can make the most out of their stay in Okinawa! The beach nearby is very nice.”
Preporučuje 20 lokalaca
Point of Interest
“ There is a reason behind the mysterious beauty of the Blue Cave. As you will understand if you look at a rainbow, there are a variety of colors contained in the light of the sun. When this light hits the water it will be absorbed, but the red wavelength disappears because it is long. Conversely, since blue is a short wavelength within the seven prismatic colors, the blue color will remain. This is the reason why you see the sea as blue. The Blue Cave is in the center of the main island of Okinawa, in Cape Maeda of Onna Village. From Naha Airport or from Kokusai Street in Naha City, it is about an hour away by car. ”
Preporučuje 25 lokalaca
“there is big Shi-Sa-dog's figure at this park. and big crass field family can play Frisbee or ball. good place!”
Preporučuje 10 lokalaca
“Dessert shop famous for their beni-imo tart (紅芋タルト). You can find a lot of Okinawan gifts - mainly desserts - in this house of sweets! There's also a nice little beach near by.”
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Preporučuju 4 lokalca
“Nirai Beach is the popular spot to enjoy the beautiful beach. The sea water is clear with blue with lots of views. The activities there are from sea bathing, going snorkerling, and other marine activities. Address: 600 Gima Yomitan ”
Preporučuje 9 lokalaca
Talijanski restoran
“Sometimes, you just need good pizza. I will be honest. It is hard to find a good pizza place in Okinawa. But, ENZO does it right. If you want, authentic Italian oven baked pizza with simple quality toppings, go to ENZO. And, don't forget to visit the beach in front of the restaurant. So, this restaurant is right next to the paradise. ”
Preporučuje 11 lokalaca
druge prirodne znamenitosti
“Challenge yourself in an obstacle course in the treetops at Forest Adventure in Onna!  森にあるアウトドアパークのアスレチックコースに挑戦しましょう!”
Preporučuje 10 lokalaca
umjetnička galerija
“If you will look for the Okinawan pottery, "Yachimun-no-Sato" is highly recommended place. There is not only shops you can buy items, but also a climbing kiln to produce pottery. The artisans from during training to professional matured are working there, running their workshops (now about 20). mapcode: 33 855 410*55”
Preporučuje 21 lokalac
“Open 24 hours, this fusion food family style restaurant is just a 3 minute drive from Island Breeze. Most menu items will cost about 1,000 Yen.”
Preporučuje 8 lokalaca
Trgovački centar
“TSUTAYA、ベスト電気、 Maxvalue、メガネ屋、カットハウス、パン屋、100均、Village Vanguard、Drug11、Game Center、靴屋、Coin Laundry、大戸屋、Pizza shop、Starbucks Coffee、and more...”
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“素材にこだわっています!天然酵母で作るパンが味わい深いです。音楽好きな店主が選んだ曲が大きな音でかかっています。 MAPCODE 33 883 842”
Preporučuje 7 lokalaca