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Yokohama – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

Place of Worship
“This is a famous temple in Kamakura city. The reason why,there is a big Buddha statue on the grounds. Kamakura city is famous traditional cultural area in around Tokyo. Long long time ago,a mega Tsunami had reached here ,then the statue house was broken by the wave. What remained there was only the statue.”
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Amusement Park
“You can see dolphins in great distance! Weekdays is few people. Chances! The food in the park is expensive. We recommend bringing lunch boxes and drinks. You can eat freely while watching the ocean.”
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Place of Worship
“Of the shrine and the Buddhist image made 800 years behore.variously. it`s a trein from a guest room.about 20 minutes”
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Amusement Park
“There are top of the ramen shop. If you love Ramen you should visit to Ramen Amusement!”
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Trgovački centar
“Tallest building in Yokohama. Has an Observation Deck which offers great views of Yokohama”
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“The Yamashita Park, also known as Yamashita Koen Park, is the most popular park alongside Yokohama Bay where locals always come for dog strolling, refreshment, and get the stunning view of the harbor and Minato Mirai. The Yamashita Park in Yokohama is lovely park that’s great for relaxing and strolling with great views of harbor and a glimpse of the spectacular Minato Mirai (Ferris wheel). ”
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Japanese Curry Restaurant
“Komachi-dori Street spreads from the rotary in front of Kamakura station to the north toward Kamakura Hachiman-gu. According to legend, it started as a market opened in front of the shrine. Today, the street is lined with over 250 restaurants, boutiques, fancy cafes, Japanese-style sweet cafes, and stores selling souvenirs and sundry articles unique to the ancient city. Many side streets branch of from both sides of Komachi-dori Street.”
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Amusement Park
“It's an instant ramen museum by Nissin. It holds a workshop where you can make your own cup noodles.”
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Trgovački centar
“Large shopping mall called Lazona Kawasaki. Everything you need can be purchased here!”
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“It's the biggest China town in Japan. If you want to feel Chinese atmosphere in Japan,it would be good! It's one of Asian cultures but different from Japanese atmosphere you can feel.”
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Point of Interest
“The biggest china town in Japan. There are different types of Chinese restaurant, tea shops, souvenir shops etc... Its one of the most famous tourist spots in Yokoahama as seeing Chinese couture in Japan. ”
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Place of Worship
“Famous for a beautiful bamboo garden that is laid out behind its main sanctuary.”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Quite popular dating town in Yokohama(beside Tokyo). It takes about 50 min by train. There is a big ferris wheel and many activities etc.”
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“旧加賀百万石前田侯爵家の別邸を改築したアール・デコ風の洋館で鎌倉市景観重要建築物に指定されている。ステンドグラスなど内装も当時のままで、庭園とそこから見下ろす由比ケ浜の眺めもすばらしい。館内は鎌倉ペンクラブ(在住作家の会)をはじめゆかりの文学者、夏目漱石、川端康成、高見順などの自筆原稿や書簡などが展示されている。なお、約1万坪の庭園もある。 営業期間開館時間:9:00~17:00 3月~9月 入館は、16:30まで 開館時間:9:00~16:30 10月~2月 入館は、16:00まで 休館:月 ただし祝日の場合は開館。シーズンによっては月曜日開館もあり。年末年始、展示替期間、特別整理期間の休みあり。5・6月、10・11月は臨時開館あり”
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Bus Station
“The best night view and dating spot in Yokohama. Near from Chuka-gai(The biggest china town).”
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Place of Worship
“The water in this shrine has become famous as water for washing money and getting success. The money- washing water is one of Kamakura's five famous waters.”
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