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Shiga – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

Buddhist Temple
“The stage of Shimizu" where you can see the whole city is so popular that many worshipers visit”
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“Let's walk while stepping on step by step the mysterious 150m surrounded by amber light.”
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“Yasaka shrine is a walking distance sightseeing plaec from our place. One of the famous shrines in Kyoto, so it's definitely worth visiting there if you come to Kyoto.”
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Buddhist Temple
“The name of this temple is "Gin"kakuji. But this temple doesn't use silver. the beautiful Japanese temple. You will be healed because they are calm appearance.”
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“彦根城 Hikone-jo castle is located near the biggest lake in Japan called Biwa lake. The castle has been maintained its original style since Edo era, the period of time about 400 years ago. There is a pretty cat character of Hikone-jo called Hikonyan, so please also check it out there. ”
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“Fushimi Inari(伏見稲荷大社)" Shrine is a popular spot for foreign tourists.The scenery that countless torii lined is magnificent.”
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“You will see a so huge gate and beautiful shrine. This shrine is very famous. Around this shrine, there are some places we recommend like an art museum or a zoo.”
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Buddhist Temple
“At this place, you can see thousand statues of Buddha. They are so great. You will feel something mysterious there. Sanjusangendo is close to Kyoto National Museum, so you should go both.”
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“This museum is most famous in Kyoto. You can enjoy popular exhibitions. This is next to Sanjusangendo, so I recommend you to visit both. ”
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“Enyama Park is a beautiful place to go and have a picnic and enjoy the sun. Come with your family and see the temple (Yasaka Shrine) thats right next door as well!”
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“Kamigamo Shrine's sister shrine. Despite being in the city,there are ancient virgin forests and clear streams.”
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Place of Worship
“In autumn, in this temple, colored leaves are the highlight. And this temple is the one of the oldest and biggest in Japan. You are worth going!”
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Place of Worship
“Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺), whose spacious grounds are located at the base of Kyoto's forested Higashiyama mountains, is one of the most important Zen temples in all of Japan. It is the head temple of one of the schools within the Rinzai sect of Japanese Zen Buddhism and includes multiple subtemples, that make the already large complex of temple buildings even larger. The history of Nanzenji dates back to the mid 13th century, when the Emperor Kameyama built his retirement villa at the temple's present location and later converted it into a Zen temple. After its founding, Nanzenji grew steadily, but its buildings were all destroyed during the civil wars of the late Muromachi Period (1333-1573). The oldest of the current buildings was built after that period.”
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Colloquial Area
“Most famous geisha district in Kyoto, located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west. ”
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“In this zoo, we can feel rich nature of Kyoto and learn the relation of Homo sapiens and the wild animals. You can really sense the forest of Kyoto bodily, seeing the zoo. ”
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“A beautiful narrow street filled with various restaurants that is bound to fill your appetite. This place is more than worthy to take a few photos of, especially in the night time.”
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