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Bilo da se radi o razgledavanju ili otkrivanju nekih skrivenih dragulja, saznajte što grad čini jedinstvenim uz pomoć lokalaca koji ga poznaju u dušu.
“Nijo Castle is one of the most famous spots in Kyoto. The castle was designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. In spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossom in the garden.”
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Buddhist Temple
“Kinkakuji Temple, also called the Golden Pavilion is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kyoto. A must-see destination! Especially beautiful in fall. ”
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“This is a house of Tennno. It has a big space to walk. If you go to here when spring, you can see the most beautiful Sakura.”
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Muzej umjetnosti
“Kyoto Manga Museum is a good place for manga lovers. You can read manga (mainly in Japanese) all day long !”
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Buddhist Temple
“Ginkakuji Temple, also called the Silver Pavilion, is also a famous sight of Kyoto. A must-see destination!”
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“Heian Jingu Shrine is a must-see destination of Kyoto! The garden is of an outstanding beauty.”
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“You can enjoy a Japanese flea market in Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine 25th every month. There are many antique Japanese items. ”
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“Kamigamo Shrine's sister shrine. Despite being in the city,there are ancient virgin forests and clear streams.”
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Place of Worship
“You may see lots of maple trees inside of the temple grounds. Especially, in a spot nearby the Three Gates is very popular with the saying of “what an impressive site, what an impressive site” by a famous thief Goemon in the Kabuki show. This is the best place to see marvelous view of red leaves around the Kyoto City. It is also worth seeing the garden of Chisen Kaiyu Style (pond at the center and surrounding garden path style) located in the Nanzen-In Tenjyuan In Spring, the temple grounds will also be full of cherry blossoms. The temple grounds are so huge that it is difficult to point out the best spot, but I am sure that you will be happy visiting Kyoto after you enjoys the collaboration of white wall, garden path and cherry blossoms.”
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“In this zoo, we can feel rich nature of Kyoto and learn the relation of Homo sapiens and the wild animals. You can really sense the forest of Kyoto bodily, seeing the zoo. ”
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“The Kamo Shrines, Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine, are both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are two of the most important and oldest shrines in Kyoto. In fact, the Kamo Shrines even predate the city's establishment as national capital in 794. Throughout the thousand years that Kyoto served as Japan's capital city, the Imperial Court patronized the shrines as establishments dedicated to the city's protection and prosperity. Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社, Shimogamo Jinja, "Lower Kamo Shrine") is located at the junction of the Takano and Kamo rivers. It is surrounded by the Tadasu no Mori, a forest which was preserved during the modernization of the city and contains trees that are up to 600 years old.”
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Muzej umjetnosti
“Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is second oldest public museum in Japan. It was designed by Japanese architect Kenjiro Maeda and constructed in 1933. You can see Japanese tradition design in western influence. ”
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Botanical Garden
“Kyoto Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Japan with over 120,000 plants.It is a favorite place for visitors to Kyoto and Kyotoites themselves to stroll and picnic, especially in spring for the cherry blossom season and in fall for the autumn leaves.Regular light ups at night also attract people and a good place to keep warm in winter is at the spectacular conservatory.It is divided into various sections:Bamboo Garden,Bonsai Exhibit,Camellia Garden,Cherry Trees,European Style Garden,Flower Bed,Hydrangea Garden,Japanese Iris Garden,Japanese Native Plants, Lotus Pond,Nakaragi-no-mori Pond,Peony Garden,Perennial and Useful Plants Garden,Sunken Garden;and Uma Grove. ”
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Natural Feature
“ Kamo river. The most comfortable place in Kyoto. You can read a book, have lunch drink coffee, jogging and take a nap... 鴨川でパンとコーヒーでのんびりしてください。 ”
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Buddhist Temple
“One of Kyoto's most famous autumn color spots. Eikando (永観堂, Eikandō), formally known as Zenrinji Temple, belongs to the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism. Located just north of the large temple complex of Nanzenji, Eikando is very famous for its autumn colors and the evening illuminations that take place in fall. The temple has a long history, and there are a variety of buildings and a pond garden that visitors can explore.”
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“Kibune (貴船) is a small town in a forested valley in the northern mountains of Kyoto City, which developed around Kifune Shrine. According to legend, a goddess traveled in a boat from Osaka all the way up the river into the mountains north of Kyoto, and Kifune Shrine was built at the site where her boat journey had come to an end.”
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Najbolji restorani

“京都といえば名物のゆどうふ! 旬の食材をふんだんに使用した京会席を四季折々の美しい庭園を眺めながら、ゆったりとお召し上がりいただけます。 食後には順正書院のあるお庭の散策など、南禅寺順正だから味わえる、京都ならではの贅沢な時間を過ごすことができます。 Nanzenji Junsei is a Japanese restaurant located near Nanzen-ji Temple that is famous for its simple but superb tofu dishes. Here you can savour the subtle flavour of Yudofu (tofu in hot broth) served with spring onions, ginger or red peppers. You can enjoy traditional dishes while admiring the scenery of the restaurant’s beautifully maintained Japanese garden. You can even take a walk around the vast stroll garden after your meal. It’s perfect for vegetarians!!”
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“Ok so sushi is expensive, but fear not! Kurazushi is here to save your wallet and your appetite for delicious sushi with plates that only cost 100 Yen! Not to mention its a conveyer belt style restaurant so it adds a bit of fun to it!”
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“This is one of popular Ramen restaurant!! Just a few minutes walk. You can enjoy unique Japanese Ramen there. ”
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“If you are looking for good Yakiniku restaurant. This is good option. It is better to make a reservation.”
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“Sarasa Nishijin さらさ西陣 12am-11pm Close Wed(水曜定休) 1000-2000yen Old public bath renovated into a funky cafe. You can find beautiful old tiles here. English menu available, and variety of menu such as vegetarian, big salad, donburi, noodle, cakes, good coffee and more. 色鮮やかなマジョリカタイ ルが可愛い銭湯を改装しカ フェに。ヴィーガン料理も 提供。ケーキも定評あり。”
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“I you are looking for good Yakiniku restaurant. This is very good. it is better to make a reservation before you go. ”
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“Toyouke-chaya is a very well-know tofu restaurant. Tofu being the specialty of Kyoto, it is worth trying. There is usually a queue before the shop.”
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Restoran u kojem se poslužuje ramen
“Menya is one of the better ramen places in the entirety of Japan. Sticking close to it's surrounding, it uses a Kyoto-style broth which is thick and full of flavor. Come here with an empty stomach because you're gonna find yourself wanting a lot!”
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