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Navara – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

Trgovina poklona
“Estafeta Street is the longest stretch of the 'Encierro' (bull run) but it is also a vibrant street all year around with many good bars to have drinks and tapas (locally known as pintxos).”
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“Referencia urbanística dePamplona,considerada como el mejor ejemplo de arquitectura militar del Renacimiento español y uno de los más destacados conjuntos defensivos de Europa.Nació para proteger Pamplona del enemigo,a instancias del rey Felipe II,quien la mandó construir en 1571 con el fin de hacer frente a las constantes incursiones del ejército francés.(ENG) Urban reference of Pamplona,​​and considered as the best example of military architecture of the Spanish Renaissance and one of the most outstanding defensive sets in Europe.It was built to protect Pamplona from the enemy,requested by King Felipe II,who ordered to built it in 1571, to face the constant incursions of the French Army.”
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“This is the main square of Pamplona and the geographic center of the town. All the builidings are very pinturesque, different and colourful. Now there are a kiosko in the middle instead a Casttle.”
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“On July the 7th and 8th you can visit the Cathedral of Maria. Gothic inside but Neoclassical on the outside, the stained glass windows are not as spectacular as a French cathedral because almost all the walls are defensive. Pamplona was a city surrounded with a wall in order to fortify from the beginning of its foundation by Romans in 74 BC. And from 1571 the objective of walls was the defense against France. Finally, at the end of the 19th century, almost the entire wall was demolished to build the new widening. Adults price is €5 and 3 euros for kids 7-13 years. By the way, this building that did not like Victor Hugo when he visited Pamplona in 1843... Interesting.”
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“Every day from the 7th to the 14th of July the traditional bull fight takes place here.”
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“Pamplona es ciudad hermanada con Yamaguchi , Japón y este parque es para celebrarlo”
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“Buen lugar para tomar una copa. Por amplitud de local, música, ambiente y ubicación.”
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“Plaza del Castillo is the main plaza of Oldtown Pamplona, heart of the City, with beautiful and historic palaces and cafeterias. Also free WiFi area.”
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“While visiting Pamplona, do not forget to see Estafeta Street and taste their Spanish tapas (here called 'pintxos' in Basque language). My favorite is 'Gaucho' established since 1970. Around this bar is a meeting point of all Americans who travel to San Fermin every year. But remember the first Festival days (July 5-9) bars and pubs will be crowded. There's so many people in the city this days.”
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“Sobre el Baluarte del Redín se ubica uno de los rincones más pintorescos del casco urbano de Pamplona, punto central en el recinto amurallado de la ciudad. El mirador es un amplísimo balcón desde el que se divisa el horizonte en un radio de unos 180º, destacando la vista sobre el río Arga, los barrios de la Rochapea y la Chantrea. (ENGLISH) On the Baluarte del Redín one of the most picturesque corners of the casco urbano of Pamplona is located, central point in the walled enclosure of the city. The viewpoint is a wide balcony from which you can see the horizon in a radius of 180º, highlighting the view over the Arga River, the neighborhoods of Rochapea and Chantrea.”
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“Construido en 1888, es uno de los establecimientos más emblemáticos de Pamplona, ya que fue el primero en utilizar luz eléctrica.Es el punto de encuentro de todos los pamploneses y de muchos visitantes que se acercan a conocer el café que hizo mundialmente famoso el escritor Ernest Hemingway. Todavía mantiene la decoración de su época. (ENGLISH) Built in 1888, it is one of the most emblematic establishments of Pamplona, ​​since it was the first to use electric light. It is the meeting point of all Pamplona and many visitors who come to know the coffee that made the writer world-famous Ernest Hemingway. It still maintains the decoration of its time.”
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“Together with calle Estafeta, this street is the best place to look for bars serving drinks and good pintxos as well as restaurants serving good food for a reasonable price.”
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“A solo 15 metros de tu ublicacion, puedes recorrer el paso de las civilizaciones por navarra”
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“The Town Hall Square is a place known worldwide because from the balcony is launched every year the famous rocket that starts the Festival of Sanfermin.”
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Farmers Market
“During San Fermin Festival many shops or supermarkets open only in the morning. Are you an early bird? If you like the market with fruits, vegetables, meat or cheese you can visit 'Mercado del Casco Viejo' or 'Mercado del Segundo Ensanche'. Do not forget taste the Jabugo Spanish ham please! It's like the Italian prosciutto but with different taste. I think is much better! And the cheese? Taste Roncal and Idiazabal. So tasty and strong. One of the best cheese in the world! What else can I say? I am Spanish! ”
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“San Fermin has two very clear and different environments. Till high noon you can see the Giants and Big Heads Parade in Old Town streets, local music concerts or Basque rural sports. And in the afternoon it's time for bullfight and after hours. The several brass band they have played during bullring, from 9:00 pm begins to play through the Old Town streets till after hours. You could attend fireworks, rock and pop concerts. And the bars. Dozens of bars in the Old Town.”
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