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Najpopularnije trgovine

“Top notch locally owned Vegan bakery. They also serve coffee but beware everything is Vegan, no milk products available.”
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“Pretty much my favorite coffee house. Been going there since high school and it has such a devoted local fanbase that the Starbucks that moved in next door tucked tail and moved out! That was a happy day. Go and get their mocha and watch the world walk by. You won't be disappointed! ”
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“A laboratory for coffee geeks, Oddly Correct sticks to the most basic elements of espresso. Cream and sweeteners aren’t available in the shop and all drinks are made with local whole milk or oat milk upon request, so don’t ask for any additions or substitutions. Instead, you are encouraged to experience the flavors of your drink without dilution.”
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“My favorite coffee shop in Midtown. Bright light, wonderful patio, and they serve my favorite local bean, Messenger. ”
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Pekarnica (bagel)
“Not only is this in the same building, it also is a bagel shop that also serves coffee! ”
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Robna kuća
“If you want to shop for anything, there is a new Costco locates only 3 miles from our lake house. ”
  • Preporučuje 9 lokalaca
“KC's oldest locally owned bookstore. Very tied in with the local writers scene.”
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“This is a health food store with many organic, vegan, and gluten-free food options.”
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Trgovački centri

Shopping Plaza
“Americas 1st outdoor shopping mall! The Country Club plaza offers 150 Shops restaurants and entertainment venues all in 15 blocks modeled after Seville Spain! ”
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Shopping Plaza
“The Plaza is an iconic, must-explore spot in Kansas City, especially during the holidays. If you're looking for high-end shopping, you will find it at The Plaza. You will also find classic, mainstay Kansas City BBQ like Jack Stack (along with all kinds of other restaurants).”
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Francuski restoran
“Historical Westport. Shopping, food, drinks, thrift shops, coffee, whatever. ”
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“Farm to table -- really great food, and there's a shop area that sells local products. Service can be a little awkward, so heads up on that, lol. ”
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