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Buddhist Temple
“Beautiful place. The best season is Autumn. Autumn leaves are really beautiful. 紅葉がとてもきれいでした(^-^)”
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Buddhist Temple
“●30minutes buy City bus No.205 Hours 9:00 to 17:00 Closed No closing days Admission 400 yen”
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“Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most popular destinations in Kyoto among tourists. The shrine is famous for its thousand of tori gates. Distance: 34minutes by train (Keihan Line, 210JPY) Entrance fee: free Opening hours: 24/7”
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“Kyoto Imperial Palace was the Imperial Family's residence until 1868. Kyoto Imperial Park, which surround the Palace, is an ideal place to walk and relax. You can enjoy reading a book on a bench, do your morning run, do a picnic, etc. To visit the Imperial Palace, you need to reserve in advance. Distance: 21minutes' walk from Kogane-an Entrance fee: Free”
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“Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Kyoto and is well-known for its festival, Gion Matsuri which is hold in summer. All year long, you can enjoy eating at food stands. Distance: 17 minutes' walk Opening hours: 24/7 Entrance fee: free”
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Buddhist Temple
“Ginkakuji Temple, also called the Silver Pavilion, is also a famous sight of Kyoto. A must-see destination! Distance: 28minutes by bus (bus n.204 and 93 , 230JPY) Entrance fee: 500 for adults, 300 for children Opening hours: 8:30~17:00 (9:00~16:30 from December to February)”
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“Fushimi Inari(伏見稲荷大社)" Shrine is a popular spot for foreign tourists.The scenery that countless torii lined is magnificent.”
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Buddhist Temple
“The Sanjūsangendō sis known for its impressive collection of Buddhist statues. There you can have a good introduction to Buddhist deities as the whole gods are represented in a long wooden buildings made of 33 intervals (hence the name of the building itself).”
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“This shrine was originally built as a pavilion to show what the original palace of Emperors in Kyoto was like. To celebrate 1100th year from Foundation of this city. It was a part of The first Expo in Japan. So This shrine is a smaller model of ancient Emperor’s palace. Now it turned into a shrine and is dedicated to the 50th Emperor “Kanmu” the Founder of Kyoto.”
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“You can enjoy a Japanese flea market in Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine 25th every month. There are many antique Japanese items. ”
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“The shrine from ancient time. Older than this city. It holds rare primitive woods ward. The wedding ceremony of my sister was held here : ) best place to wed. ”
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“The Kamo Shrines, Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine, are both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are two of the most important and oldest shrines in Kyoto. In fact, the Kamo Shrines even predate the city's establishment as national capital in 794. Throughout the thousand years that Kyoto served as Japan's capital city, the Imperial Court patronized the shrines as establishments dedicated to the city's protection and prosperity. Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社, Shimogamo Jinja, "Lower Kamo Shrine") is located at the junction of the Takano and Kamo rivers. It is surrounded by the Tadasu no Mori, a forest which was preserved during the modernization of the city and contains trees that are up to 600 years old.”
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Buddhist Temple
“Chion-in Temple is famous for its main entrance gate which is one of the biggest wooden gates in Japan. Distance: 19 minutes' walk Opening hours: 10:00~17:00 Entrance fee: free”
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“This shrine is located near a river. There are cafes and restaurants nearby with decks built over the river. Relax while drinking green tea and taking in the beautiful views.”
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Buddhist Temple
“One of Kyoto's most famous autumn color spots. Eikando (永観堂, Eikandō), formally known as Zenrinji Temple, belongs to the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism. Located just north of the large temple complex of Nanzenji, Eikando is very famous for its autumn colors and the evening illuminations that take place in fall. The temple has a long history, and there are a variety of buildings and a pond garden that visitors can explore.”
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Buddhist Temple
“Serene temple with historic shrines & a bamboo grove, plus a teahouse hosting seasonal ceremonies.”
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