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Muzej umjetnosti
“The Museum of Art and History is the city's largest and one of its most important institutions. The museum is housed within a building designed by Marc Camoletti and constructed from 1903 to 1910; the building's exhibition space covers four floors and 7,000m². the building itself is a treasure with an inner courtyard, and a façade featuring sculptures by Paul Amlehn and a triangular gable with an allegorical depiction of the arts. In a frieze on the upper section of the façade, there are the names of Genevan artists. The collections are divided into thematic categories focusing on Applied Arts, Fine Art, and archaeology. There is an art section in the museum with paintings from the middle ages to the 20th century including works by Konrad Witz, Rembrandt, Modigliani, and Rodin. An Applied Arts section has Byzantine art, medieval weapons, silverware and historic musical instruments among the collection. Part of the museum has been turned into the 17th century interior of the Lower Castle Zizers complete with wood paneling and furniture. In the archaeology, the section pieces from prehistoric Europe, ancient Egypt, African, Greek, and Roman cultures. Other interesting pieces in the collection are medieval stained glass, 12th-century armor, Swiss watches, and Greek vases.”
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History Museum
“One of my favorite museums in Geneva - the museum of natural history. It features lots of animal types, from the extinct to the living ones (they have a two-headed turtle!). It is really impressive and is very well presented. It is also free to visit.”
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History Museum
“Explore the history of the Alps and how Chamonix has become a modern day ski and mountaineering mecca.”
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“Annecy Castle is an historic monument turned into a museum. Permanent and temporary exhibitions.”
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“Right in the centre of the old town of Annecy is a building that is it's own island. One of the most pictured parts of Annecy but also home to the old prison, which you can visit. ”
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“The international Red Cross was founded by a Genevois and Geneva is where its HQ are located ”
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“Amazing contemporary building next to the old classic museum. Nice ethnographic collection.”
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“It was in the 16th century that the first names of Swiss watchmakers emerged and Geneva became the birthplace of watchmaking. At the time, following John Calvin’s reform, Genevans had to follow a dress code and dress as simply as possible. But refusing to take off all adornments, the people of Geneva decided to buy watches and, to meet the demand, jewellers retrained as watchmakers. So this is how the Genevan artisan watchmaker was born. A mix of tradition and precision, Geneva is today the symbol of fine watchmaking.”
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Muzej umjetnosti
“If you like modern art, this is a great gallery with a great space. If you end up here on a 1st Sunday of a month, all galleries in Geneva are FREE”
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“Fascination museum on cristal hunting which is an old tradition in Chamonix, and on mountaineering.”
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“Musée Faure. Découvrez la collection privée d'un homme passionné d'art, Jean Faure riche collectionneur de peinture et de sculpture des années 1850 à 1920.”
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“A very cultural experience, Les Gets’ Museum of Mechanical Music has one of the finest collections in Europe of mechanical instruments (around 600 exhibits). Enjoy a guided tour (all the instruments are working) and discover chimes, clocks, musical boxes, automatons, organs, orchestrions and mechanical violins, mechanical and pneumatic pianos, phonographs and gramophones…to name just a few. All are displayed in their historical context so it offers a historic and cultural learning experience if the mountain isn't cutting it for you!”
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History Museum
“It's a medieval house built in the 12th century that is currently a museum of Geneva's history. It is situated in the old city center and is free to visit. They have recently introduced a video available in lots of languages that explains in brief the history of Geneva. You can wander and discover the history of Geneva from different epochs. It is a must-visit! ”
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History Museum
“nice castle with collections of travel souvenirs from Leon mares, one of the great collectrs from 19th century. Open March 15 to October 15 for visits”
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Muzej umjetnosti
“Museum used for temporary exhibitions. It is the oldest purpose-built art museum in Switzerland.”
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“The salt mines at Bex have existed for hundreds of years and run for 50km underground. Well worth a visit on a rainy day.”
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