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Gifu – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

“名古屋城は、尾張国愛知郡名古屋にあった日本の城。「名城」、「金鯱城」、「金城」の異名を持つ。日本100名城に選定されており、国の特別史跡に指定されている。Nagoya Castle was constructed on the orders of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in order to secure an important position on the Tokaido road and to ward off attacks from the direction of Osaka. Construction was completed in 1612, and the castle is typical of those built on flatlands. Until the Meiji Restoration, Nagoya Castle flourished as the castle in which the Owari lineage of the Tokugawa family, the foremost of the family’s three lineages, resided.”
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Science Museum
“Nagoya City Science Museum 9:30 am - 5 pm, Holiday :Mondays Popular sightseeing spot for family. Children will not be bored. They hold Planetarium show several times a day.”
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Trgovački centar
“・Great night views from here - both standing on the roof and also attractive it from outside Name Oasis 21 Address 1-11-1 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0005, Aichi Prefecture ”
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History Museum
“徳川美術館は、愛知県名古屋市東区徳川町の徳川園内にある、公益財団法人 徳川黎明会が運営する私立美術館。1935年に開設された。収蔵品は駿府御分物など尾張徳川家伝来の大名道具や他の大名家の売立てでの購入品、名古屋の豪商らからの寄贈品など。2016年現在で、国宝9件、重要文化財59件を収蔵する。The Tokugawa Art Museum has permanent exhibits of the tools of the Owari Tokugawa feudal lords, such as Japanese swords and armor, tea ceremony utensils, and Noh cos-tumes. Be sure not to miss the limited-time displays of the Tale of Genji picture scrolls (designated a National Treasure), and the hina dolls and Doll Festival furnistings of the Owari Tokugawa clan. The Hosa Library is centered around the Owari Tokugawa clan's former col-lection of books, housing and displaying approximately 110,000 of Japan and China's old masterworks. ”
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stanica podzemne željeznice
“Sakae district is formed around Sakae intersection Otsu-dori going north-south and Hirokoji-dori going east-west, and is the main shopping district of Nagoya, along with Nagoya Station and its immediate vicinity.”
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“Another favourite place of me and my wife. 5 minutes of walking from our appartment and you and in quite world.”
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Rock klub
“A kind of traditional Japanese market. These are some shops for snacks. You should try some! Many foreigners enjoy the variety of shops that include traditional souvenirs, electronics, cos-play, and more! How about having a snack or lunch at one of the "maid cafes"?”
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Home Goods Store
“The Osu shopping district is huge and popular shopping area containing over 1,200 shops and restaurants. All kinds of shops, including electrical appliance shops, secondhand clothing stores, restaurants and cafes are open.”
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Discount Store
“【中文】 唐吉訶德的特色是標榜貨品售價較其他店舗廉宜,其營業時間較長,一般直至深夜甚至凌晨5時。部份分店附設大型停車場。店内空間較為狹小、陳列方法亦較混亂。銷售貨品種類包括成衣、食品、首飾、家居用品、工具、體育用品、電子產品等。 【EN】 Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ?) is a discount chain store that has over 160 locations throughout Japan as well as three stores in Hawaii.[2] It carries a wide range of products, from basic groceries to electronics to clothing. The store is well known in Japan and is often referred to by its shortened name Donki (ドンキ?). Distinctly, Don Quijote tends to keep very late hours for Japanese retailing (to 3 or 5am, or even 24 hours) and it packs its goods from ceiling to floor in a distinct merchandising strategy.”
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Tonkatsu Restaurant
“One of the best Miso-katsu restaurant in Nagoya! It's beed loved by locals and visitors!”
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Science Museum
“Enjoy an exciting trip back in time and see the development of the textile industry in Japan in action! Several machines actually move and demonstrate the process from wool to finely woven cloth. I highly recommend you to join the guided tour in the museum. ”
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Robna kuća
“Nagoya's department store. Has a lot of expensive brands. Often hosts art galleries in the exhibition floor. ”
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Business Center
“Midland Square Nagoya It has many high-class restaurants. Sky promenade is on the top. You can enjoy night scene and beer there.”
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Trgovina elektronikom
“Bic Camera Big electrical appliance store 10 am - 9 pm You can buy Kintetstu Rail ticket here.”
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Point of Interest
“The top of the mountain "kinkazan" , nice view, many goods Nobunaga Oda used, the many hiking way, 金華山の頂上にあり、景色がいい、織田信長が使ったグッズがあり、ハイキングの道が多い”
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