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“Two exciting cable cars to the top where you get amazing views and can enjoy the observatory”
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National Park
“Parque Natural de inmensa belleza y diferentes rutas según la dificultad buscada. Visitar también el pueblo de Torla justo a la entrada del parque.”
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Trgovina poklona
“Estafeta Street is the longest stretch of the 'Encierro' (bull run) but it is also a vibrant street all year around with many good bars to have drinks and tapas (locally known as pintxos).”
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“On the mouth of the river Ebro, the Delta de L'Ebre it's a perfect place for bird watching, there are some quiet sandy beaches and lots and lots of rice growing here.”
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“This place stretches anyone’s command of English superlatives; and the terribly hackneyed phrase of ‘I haven’t got the words’ obviously doesn’t work in a TA review! So, I will find words …. The Cirque du Gavarnie is the Most Amazing Place you Will EVER see. There you go – big claim; but true. Really, regardless of how you get there, your jaw will drop as you take in the spectacle of this geological giant. It is SO big, SO dramatic, SO elegant, SO (another hackneyed phrase) awe-inspiring – that you will wonder how you might capture the image to take away with you. Cameras and mobile phones simply don’t cut it – it is only your own internal ‘Memory camera’ of the brain that can do justice to this sight and this site. Really, go – if you have to join a coach-trip, go – If you are fit enough to do the long walk to it – go! And if you have to ride a donkey there (yes that is really an option) – go. However you go – you will still experience the magic and soul-enriching experience of this place. And there’s even a bar, traditional, stone-built, and placed (depending on your view) either so close to the main event to detract from the natural grandeur of the site – or, at a really handy location for essential refreshments after a very long hike … Even in high season, we still managed at one point to be the ONLY people visible in the entire Cirque de Gavarnie…. But if solitude is your thing - and it is mine - then you will also really like - indeed, may prefer - the nearby Cirque de Tromouse. But if you possibly, possibly, can, then get to see both of them. These are Europe’s star sights at their very best.”
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“The Delta de l’Ebre is Catalonia’s largest wetland, the second largest is Aiguamolls de l’Empordà. Within the landscape of the natural park, as well as wetlands, there are amazing beaches, sand dunes, rivers, estuaries, salt pans, lagoons and marshes. It is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, with 95 species of birds who breed there, as well as around 300 species that come to stopover. You can also see varieties of reptiles, fish, invertebrates and amphibians. ”
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Spomenik / znamenitost
“This is a muslim palace and currently the parlament of Aragon. It is worth a visit and is free on Sundays. Mon to Sat 5€ Adults 1€ concesions.”
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“Great place for kids / families to visit - to see all the animals / birds of the Pyrenees.”
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“Situada a 7 minutos a pie desde el piso, existen muchas formas de visitar la Catedral en función de cual sean tus intereses. ¿Te interesa más la historia, las reliquias cristianas, los sepulcros, la arquitectura o las matemáticas? La gran riqueza que esconde este grandioso templo cristiano permite hacer lecturas diferentes pero complementarias. Horario de visitas: del 19 de marzo al 31 de octubre 09.30 a 19.30. Cierre de accesos a las 18.30 del 1 de noviembre al 18 de marzo: 10.00 a 19.00. Cierre de accesos a las 18.00”
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“This is the iconic street in Logroño for pintxos - I recommend Bar Angel for its mushroom pintxo. But you can't go wrong just roaming into places anywhere along the street.”
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“The Pyrenees National Park is a beautiful, unspoilt national treasure. We still have to pinch ourselves to remember that we're not dreaming that we actually live here ! Great for walking, cycling, climbing, paragliding, or just enjoying the magnificent views.”
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National Park
“Endless ricefields and beaches, for a long drive and walks along empty beaches.”
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“Amaizing park to go through, walk, ride bikes, and have drinks or something to eat.”
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“Referencia urbanística dePamplona,considerada como el mejor ejemplo de arquitectura militar del Renacimiento español y uno de los más destacados conjuntos defensivos de Europa.Nació para proteger Pamplona del enemigo,a instancias del rey Felipe II,quien la mandó construir en 1571 con el fin de hacer frente a las constantes incursiones del ejército francés.(ENG) Urban reference of Pamplona,​​and considered as the best example of military architecture of the Spanish Renaissance and one of the most outstanding defensive sets in Europe.It was built to protect Pamplona from the enemy,requested by King Felipe II,who ordered to built it in 1571, to face the constant incursions of the French Army.”
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“Visita obligada per estades llargues. Espectacular per als amants de l’aventura i la natura.”
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“On July the 7th and 8th you can visit the Cathedral of Maria. Gothic inside but Neoclassical on the outside, the stained glass windows are not as spectacular as a French cathedral because almost all the walls are defensive. Pamplona was a city surrounded with a wall in order to fortify from the beginning of its foundation by Romans in 74 BC. And from 1571 the objective of walls was the defense against France. Finally, at the end of the 19th century, almost the entire wall was demolished to build the new widening. Adults price is €5 and 3 euros for kids 7-13 years. By the way, this building that did not like Victor Hugo when he visited Pamplona in 1843... Interesting.”
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