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Razgledavanje i znamenitosti – Davao del Norte

Muzeji umjetnosti

Muzej umjetnosti
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History Museum
“Opened in 2008, this museum & gallery focuses on the people, history, art & culture of Davao.”
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History Museum
“The museum features a unique collection of over 200 well-preseved skeletons of various animal species from different environment such as the plains, shallow seas and reefs, tropical rainforests, lowlands and arid region including the skeletal remains of two rare sperm whales, one of which is the largest species of toothed whale and on display at the center of the museum. The museum serves as an educational center where visitors can study and learn about the life and death of animals.”
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“If you want to go to the beach without so many things to prepare, the resort has its own restaurant, cottages and small shops that will cater anything you might need during your stay. It'll only take you 5 mins boat ride from the Sasa ferry port. Boat is also available every 10-15 mins. ”
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