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Bilo da se radi o razgledavanju ili otkrivanju nekih skrivenih dragulja, saznajte što grad čini jedinstvenim uz pomoć lokalaca koji ga poznaju u dušu.

“A visit at the Denia castle is a obligatory visit for a nice view and to learn a bit more about Denia and its culture.”
  • Preporučuje 45 lokalaca
“Historic place on the mountain near a reservoir. Interesting rain or shine. It is a bit of a climb though.”
  • Preporučuje 65 lokalaca
“Open from Monday to Sunday. Big terrace. On Sundays they organize giant paella and beer free bar from 12PM”
  • Preporučuju 43 lokalca
druge prirodne znamenitosti
“ Nice to go to this street on Fridays and Saturdays after lunch. You can dance or have a nice drink in the terraces.”
  • Preporučuje 51 lokalac
mediteranski restoran
“Lovely food with unbeatable views front and back. A great spot for drinks too. Child friendly, with a small play area and parking. We always go here for our last meal or drink before leaving.”
  • Preporučuje 35 lokalaca
Robna kuća
“The avenue where there are all the big franchises are and El Corte Inglés (2 buildings) with anything you might need in the air conditioning :)”
  • Preporučuju 63 lokalca
Hot Spring
“You should take with you swimming suit :) There is waterfall, in which you can swim and just spend a nice time together :)”
  • Preporučuje 55 lokalaca
“A beautiful parco of Palm trees - you need to Get a bus or taxi to get there. In summer best before 1pm -and after 5mp. ”
  • Preporučuje 28 lokalaca
“If you have some hiking shoes definitely worth a climb with some fantastic views .... go early morning or late evening to avoid the heat.”
  • Preporučuje 40 lokalaca
“Sierra bernia for walking and mountain treks, breathtaking views, windy road up to mountain, with restaurants along the way. Stunning”
  • Preporučuje 40 lokalaca
“Canelobre Caves are one of the main tourist attractions not only of Busot, but of the entire province of Alicante . Located 700 meters above sea level on the northern slope of the Cabeçó D'Or mountain range - one of the few Jurassic reliefs of the Prebetic in the province - they are a magnificent example of karst cavity . Inside the caves there is a space of more than 80,000 m2 which can be accessed by a 45-meter tunnel, in which water and rock have given rise to impressive forms such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and jellyfish , among many others. . Address: carretera cuevas canelobre, CV-776, 03111 Busot, Alicante, Spain Phone: +34 965 69 92 50 Province: Alicante”
  • Preporučuje 40 lokalaca
Natural Feature
“Natural Park of the Lagunas de la Mata The salt pans of La Mata and Torrevieja -known in ancient times as the Salinas de Guardamar- are a natural park of high ecological value due to its flora and vegetation.”
  • Preporučuje 41 lokalac
“Typical spanish restaurant- very nice food in from of the beach. Favorite place of locals. ”
  • Preporučuje 58 lokalaca
“A great day out can be had at the Rio Safari park, located near Elche. The park has a wide range of animals on display. Take with you eucalyptus leaves for giraffes and enjoy feeding them. Pick up one of the discount leaflets in town or any petrol station to make your entry cheaper.”
  • Preporučuje 27 lokalaca
Travel Agency
“Nice beach with clear water outisde the city, you can reach with the Tram and spend the time here. Bars and restaurants on the beach side. ”
  • Preporučuje 37 lokalaca
Općenita zabava
“Bullfight area of Alicante. Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain in which one or more bulls are fought in a bullring. Although it can be defined as a blood sport, within the areas where it is practiced it is not a sport. Historically it has been considered a cultural event and art form which is deeply tied to Hispanic culture and identity. There are no elements of competition in the proceedings. The bullfight is highly ritualized, at the end of which the bull is sacrificed through a sword in the heart.”
  • Preporučuje 19 lokalaca