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Busan – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

“Well you might find the modern beauty in Haeundae. I highly recommend to go and see this place. The pub is called "The Bay 101" in Korean "더베이 101" if you are 2 or 3 in group, taxi is cheaper and faster. ”
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“-This is the only one-stop integrated shopping and cultural space in Korea, centered on upscale shopping space, and combined entertainment and culture including spa land and ice rink. -고품격 쇼핑공간을 중심으로 스파랜드, 아이스링크 등 각종 엔터테이먼트와 문화가 결합된 국내유일의 원스톱 복합 쇼핑문화공간이다.”
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“-Dongbaek Island, an island from the ancient times, is an island connected with land by the process of accumulation of earth and sand carried from an alluvial plain in the region of Jwa-dong, Jung-dong and U-dong by Chuncheon River, the confluence of water flowing from the Yangun Cascade (or the Mt. Jang Cascade) and water flowing from Buheung peak in the eastern part of Jwadong. Dongbaek Island is thick with camellias and pine trees and, on the summit, is the statue and monument of the great Scholar Chi-Won Choi. -옛날에는 섬이었으나 장산폭포에서 흘러 내린 물과 좌동 동쪽 부흥봉에서 내려온 물이 충적평야의 모래를 실어내려 육지와 연결된 육계도이다. 동백나무와소나무가 울창하고 정상에는 최치원 선생 동상과 비(碑)가 있으며 동백섬 전체가 부산광역시 지정 기념물 제46호로지정되어 있다. ”
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“벽화가 가득 그려져 있는 동네! 오르막 내리막길을 걸어가며 이곳저곳에서 사진을 찍어보아요. 이곳은 실제 주민들이 살고 계시니 조용히 해주셔야해요^^ Terraced community houses are lined up along the foot of a mountain and all the alleyways are interconnected with each other. The scenes that this arrangement produces are a distinctive feature of this village. The whole village is a piece of art and a tourist attraction thanks to the formative artwork built everywhere around the narrow paths by resident artists. ”
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“부산의 유명한 어시장이에요^^ 시장 앞은 바로 부두여서 배에서 바로 들여온 생선들을 판답니다. 거리거리마다 특색있는 식당들이 있어 시장구경 하신 후 식사 하시기에도 좋아요!A place where freshly caught fish is bought and sold. The first floor of the building is the fish market while the second floor has a raw fish center and a dried seafood section. Fresh fish can be bought for comparatively low prices, and an economical meal can be enjoyed by buying the fish from the market and then taking it upstairs to the raw fish center where it can be prepared for just a small additional cost to cover seasonings and maeuntang(spicy fish soup). ”
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“The key words for Gwangalli are youth and passion. Even the silence of the dawn shines at the sound of the waves lapping the sands and even the quiet seashore of the late afternoon awakens you to the value of life. Gwangalli surprises you because things transcend reality here. In Gwangalli, you are pleasantly surprised by small acts of compassion because you did not expect them. These are the attractions of Gwangalli and the reasons why you have to visit Gwangalli. 可一语道破广安里的特点的词语便是年轻、热情、华丽。连黎明的寂静也会因波涛拍打沙子的响声而生辉。在午后宁静的海边还可感受到希望记住年轻的人们的热情。可超越现实、展现惊奇之处,感受未曾期待过的微微温情之处,这便是广安里的魅力同时也是人们向往去广安里的理由。 広安里と聞いて連想するのは若さと情熱、そして華やかさだろう。 夜明け前の静けささえ、砂浜に打ち寄せる波の音に光を帯 びていき、夕暮れ時の閑散とした浜辺も、若者たちの情熱に触 れて、生きていることを実感する。 ”
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“Located in the southernmost region of Busan, Taejongdae Park stretches for 9.1 kilometers. the striking landscape of the park is rife with sharp cliffs and gnarled rock formations”
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“1945년 광복이 되자 일본인들이 철수하면서 전시 물자를 팔아 돈을 챙기기 위해 국제시장 자리를 장터로 삼으면서 시장이 형성되었다. 한국전쟁 후 피난민들이 장사를 하며 활기를 띠었고, 미군의 군용 물자와 함께 부산항으로 밀수입된 온갖 상품들이 이곳을 통해 전국으로 공급되었다. 이른바 도떼기시장이 바로 국제시장이었다. 기계 공구·전기 전자류·주방 기구·의류가 주요 품목인 도·소매 시장으로 1 ~ 6공구로 나누어져 있고, 미로처럼 얽힌 골목에 식용품·농수축산품·공산품 점포들이 들어서 있다. 2007년 현재 약 650개 업체, 1,500여 칸의 점포가 있다.”
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“Moderate size. but many shows are scheduled all day. and the glass boat ride above sharks thrills!”
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“Traditional cultural performances, outdoor permanent stage Every Saturday 14:00”
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“롯데백화점 광복점 아쿠아몰에 정시마다 분수쇼가 있습니다. 실내분수치고 꽤 큰 규모입니다. 옥상정원에 가시면 부산 부산타워 못지 않게 부산 전경 전체를 보실수 있습니다.”
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“깡통야시장(매일 저녁 7시반부터 11시-12시까지) 국내외 다양한 먹거리들을 즐길 수 있고 왁자지껄한 시장 거리의 생생함도 느낄 수 있어요. 국제시장, 남포동, 자갈치시장과 이웃해 있음. ”
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“Drive the most famous courses in Busan Haeundae Evening road - Paragon is called Camellia (冬柏) island in the east of Busan, Haeundae beach, but says the place today, including one called called coastline and hills' Evening Primrose Road. "Evening Primrose Way, also called the Montmartre of Busan. Here are examples from the attractions that represent the area in the scenic blue sea, white sand, dongbaeksup, pine forests and the blend is also one of Busan 80000000000000000 (釜山八景). Jeonyeokdal looking at Haeundae moon (看月) head and cheongsapo (靑沙浦) it is included on 80000000000000000 to say about the flavor. As the Dongnae Hot Springs and found the the Shilla Dynasty and recreation stopped the car often is true queen here, then many officials find the spa was closed bunched local gwanheon that I have a flood in the summer as reasons. The hot springs were re-discovered in 1870 against the Japanese in 1897, they launched the development of hot springs. And as the Haeundae Beach opened in 1965 it took place in our country's typical summer resort attractions. The day the sea horizon, looming over permitting Tsushima seems views Japan. Around a great spas, luxury hotels and seafood (sashimi) centers, urban-type seasons tourist destination that caters to all night entertainment, etc. With Paragon is now looking for the summer only, not relaxing break any tourists and a variety of things to the tourists It was transformed. This is bangranggaek the beach of the beach under the cold winter nights the moonlight, listening to the sound of the waves pushed the memories of favorite cool white way of looking at the urban road would not be easy to disappear. * Evening road and haewoljeong, and Millennium Monument * Evening way as the secluded trail cold example to the cherry and pine trees located on a street corner (wawoosan slopes) towards the Songjeong Beach through the Haeundae dense, also known as 15 songs (曲道) to jindago bent more than 15 times, and the drive courses of up to 8km It is formed. In particular, there can fully enjoy the flavor of the sea blends with the moonlight on New Year daeboreumnal. Also the middle of a street corner (the top) has a moon garden is composed. It has been raining a garden built in natural stone and in particular newly established in February 1997 Evening sperm haewoljeong (海月亭) is built in the old Chung child is adding to the quaint atmosphere of flavor. It is also famous for the Millennium Memorial Clock Tower installed in January 2000. Serve the contact image entering the new century, the past historical time represented the entrance to enter a new world and the Busan citizens wish to greet the new millennium through the doors wide open and the marine city Busan, going out to the world and symbolism. *驱动器在釜山海云台路晚上最有名的课程, 今天的Paragon叫茶花(冬柏)岛在釜山海云台海水浴场东侧,但是他说的地方,其中包括一个叫所谓的海岸线和丘陵月见草路。“夜来香之路,也叫釜山的蒙马特。以下是代表在风景秀丽的碧海区,白沙,dongbaeksup,松林景点例子和交融也釜山800000000亿(釜山八景)之一。Jeonyeokdal看海云台月亮(看月)头cheongsapo(靑沙浦),它是包含在800000000亿要说的味道。 由于东莱温泉和发现新罗王朝和休闲车经常在这里真正的女王停止了,那么很多官员发现温泉被揉成靠近当地gwanheon我在夏天的洪水作为理由。在1870年对日本的温泉被重新发现于1897年,他们推出温泉的发展。而作为海云台海水浴场于1965年打开了它在我国典型的避暑胜地旅游景点发生。天海的地平线,笼罩在允许对马岛似乎看法日本。 大约一个伟大的水疗中心,豪华酒店和海鲜(生鱼片)中心,都市型的季节,满足所有的夜间娱乐等与Paragon的旅游目的地,现在正在寻找夏天只,而不是休闲渡假任何游客和各种东西来的游客它被改造。这是bangranggaek海滩的沙滩在寒冷的冬夜的月光下,听着海浪的声音推的看着城市道路最喜爱的冷白的方式回忆是不容易消失。 *晚报公路和haewoljeong,并世纪坛* 晚报方式通过隐蔽的小道感冒为例,位于街角(wawoosan斜坡)的樱花树和松树朝松亭海水浴场海云台密,也被称为15首歌曲(曲道)至jindago弯曲超过15倍,高达8千米的驱动课程它形成。特别地,可以充分享受大海的味道与新年daeboreumnal月光融为一体。另外一个街角(顶部)的中间有一个月亮花园组成。它一直在下雨建在天然石材花园,特别是在1997年2月晚报精子haewoljeong新成立的(海月亭)是建立在旧涌孩子也加入到香味的古朴气息。 这也是著名的安装在2000年1月的千年纪念钟塔。即成接触式图像进入新世纪,在过去的历史时所表示的入口进入一个新的世界,釜山市民都希望迎接通过大开大阖和海洋城市釜山的新千年,走出去到世界和象征。 *釜山で最も有名なドライブコース、海雲台月見道* 海雲台は釜山海雲台区東浜の椿(冬柏)島を指すが、今日では「月見の道」と呼ばれる海岸線一帯と丘を含む場所をいう。釜山のモンマルトルとも呼ばれる「月見道'。昔からここは青い海、白い砂浜、椿の森、松の森が調和絶景で、この地域を代表する名所であり、釜山八景(釜山八景)の一つでもある。海雲台月見(看月)峠とチォングサポ(靑沙浦)から眺めるジョニョクダルは風情があるし、の八景に含ませた。 新羅時代に東莱温泉が発見され真性女王がここに休養のよく立ち寄っており、その後、多くの管理者が見つけてくるので、地方官憲が、夏に洪水が私を理由に温泉を閉鎖した。1870年台に戻って温泉が発見され、1897年に日本人が温泉開発を着手した。そして1965年海雲台海水浴場が開設され、韓国の代表的な夏季休養名所として定着した。日が良ければ海水平線を超えて微かに、日本対馬が望むようだ。 周辺には素晴らしい温泉、高級ホテル、シーフード料理(回)センター、夜間娯楽施設などを備えた海雲台は今、夏だけではなく、落ち着いたリラックスしたい観光客や、さまざまな楽しみ方を訪れる観光客の両方に満足を与える都会型私鉄観光地として変貌した。冬の夜のビーチのビーチのバンランゲクになって冷たい月明かりの下、涼しくに押し寄せる波の音を聞きながら、都会の不夜城を眺める思い出も簡単に消えることはないだろう。 *月見道とヘウォルジョンは、ミレニアム記念碑* 月見道海雲台海水浴場を過ぎて松亭海水浴場に向かう道(ワウ山の中腹)に位置する桜と松林がうっそうと入っチャンひっそり道で、15回以上曲がってなるし、15曲(曲道)とも呼ばれ8kmに及ぶドライブコースを形成している。ここでは、特に正月デボルムナルに月光と調和した海の気分を存分に楽しむことができる。また、レシピ中間部分(通常)は、月見動産が造成されている。ここには自然石で建立された動産雨おり、特に1997年2月中に新たに建設された月見精子ヘウォルジョン(海月亭)は昔正子として建築され、アンティークな雰囲気が風情を添えている。 2000年1月に設置されたミレニアム記念時計塔も有名である。新しい世紀に入るお問い合わせ画像を込めて、過去の時間を過ぎて新しい世界に進入する入口を表現しており、大きく開いているドアを通って新しい千年を迎える釜山市民の希望と、世界に広がっていく海洋都市、釜山を象徴している。”
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Point of Interest
“Hanbok Experience Hall You can enjoy the small exhibition of the Hanbok, put on Hanbok at Hanbok Experience hall. Telephone : 070-8840-1472 Address : BEXCO, Exhibition Center 1, Office Building(1st floor) Operating Hours : 10:00 am ∼ 5:00 pm(Mondays Closed) ”
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“It is Lotte department store. There are many of shops & a duty free shop. It`s very near from my place.”
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“I feel obligated to add this because it's so famous, although I'm not personally too fond of this area. There's BIFF square, which is where the Busan International Film Festival opens every year. Around that area is a lot of street food, where you can try many foods for cheap. Close by is also the Jagalchi Fish Market (I've never been personally--don't like seafood), where you can see and eat almost any sort of sea creature you can imagine. Be warned--it takes almost an hour to get there from here by public transport.”
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