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Bilo da se radi o razgledavanju ili otkrivanju nekih skrivenih dragulja, saznajte što grad čini jedinstvenim uz pomoć lokalaca koji ga poznaju u dušu.

“very good atmosphere, good vibes. Gastronomy at its finest. Party places, small shops, bars, discos, restaurants, street food. All-in-One. ”
  • Preporučuje 138 lokalaca
“Castle and moat next to the central park. A great and accessible relief from modern buildings and streets.”
  • Preporučuje 140 lokalaca
Mjesto s glazbom
“Budapest is the most popular entertainment place for young people. It is waiting for you on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you arrive after midnight, you can no longer avoid the huge queue.”
  • Preporučuje 117 lokalaca
Židovski restoran
“Decoration, food, drinks. Taste good, look good, and feel good. That’s my impression about the place”
  • Preporučuje 101 lokalac
Muzej umjetnosti
“Museum of fine visual arts. Eventually they have very interesting expositions.”
  • Preporučuju 42 lokalca
Natural Feature
“Amazing river views and city views, best at sunrise or sunset!! See several bridges of the Danube and look around. Not too hard to walk up is definitely worth the sweat. ”
  • Preporučuje 96 lokalaca
Mjesto s glazbom
“The A38 ship is a local favorite and a concert venue attracting high-profile bands and DJs. From jazz to pop to rock, A38 displays a wide range of genres when it comes to music. They offer the best parties which all take place on a ship giving some of the best views of the Danube. A38 is located on the Buda side of the city and features live music on the deck. The basement floor is a great place for dinner but keep in mind, like most restaurants in Budapest, they don’t offer many vegetarian options.”
  • Preporučuju 133 lokalca
Muzej umjetnosti
“The Hungarian National Gallery. If you would like to understand our culture, history, you have to visit this museum.”
  • Preporučuje 79 lokalaca
Koncertna dvorana
“kvárium Klub, the surrounding , and the adjacent Deák Square together constitute the largest and perhaps best-known meeting point of downtown Budapest. Thousands of youngsters gather here night after night to chill out in the park or on the steps of the club. Akvárium Klub is more than a simple bar: it is a culture center with a wide musical repertoire from mainstream to underground. There is always a good concert and a smashing exhibition, performance, or other event happening here, in a friendly scene, situated right in the city center. Furthermore, Volt-Lokál found inside brings the atmosphere of the best festivals to Budapest week by week.”
  • Preporučuje 112 lokalaca
“St Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest is one of the most beautiful and significant churches and touristic attractions of the country. This is partly due to its historical heritage, of being dedicated to the holy king St Stephen who was also the founder of the Hungarian state, and partly to the architectural and artistic value of the building itself. ”
  • Preporučuje 97 lokalaca
“From Oktogon public transport area you can easily reach any of your destinations.”
  • Preporučuje 78 lokalaca
“There are different bars and pubs there with nice food and some places you can enjoy live music”
  • Preporučuje 114 lokalaca
“The mile-long Király Street is flourishing and buzzing with activity. This street is of historical significance and is perpendicular to Kazinczy Street. It's also one of the entrances to the passage known as Gozsdu Udvar, which feels like an entirely separate hub of the city. In addition to the shops, hostels, restaurants, bars, bistros, and teahouses, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music also help to shape the street's cultural character. In the winter months, Király Street is defined by the Christmas lights and the smell of roasted chestnuts. From spring, it's the territory of tourists and locals in search of fun spots for a day or night out.”
  • Preporučuje 106 lokalaca
“Great concert venue offering very affordable prices for world class performances. An added bonus is that the Ludwig Museum is located in the same building and you can visit the museum for free with a concert ticket.”
  • Preporučuje 99 lokalaca
“I would suggest to walk in these two streets: Raday utca and Krúdy Gyula utca, the streets are nearby and there are plenty of cafes and bars. try Manufactura pizza nearby, you can take it away and eat in the park with an amazing view. ”
  • Preporučuje 115 lokalaca
“The closest park to the hostel. Two playgrounds, café in the middle and all around the park. Big green area. From spring till autumn there are several festivals, happennings organized here. ”
  • Preporučuje 71 lokalac