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Bilo da se radi o razgledavanju ili otkrivanju nekih skrivenih dragulja, saznajte što grad čini jedinstvenim uz pomoć lokalaca koji ga poznaju u dušu.

“Don’t miss Bermuda’s most famous stretch of sand at Horseshoe Bay Beach. The wide crescent of light-pink sand is not only scenic, but also has everything you need for a great day at the beach – crystal-clear water, lifeguards, easy access by public transportation and rentals of everything from towels and beach loungers to snorkelling gear and boogie boards. Horseshoe Bay Beach is also a popular venue for local events throughout the year. You can find Horseshoe Bay at the heart of South Shore Park, where a coastal trail connects it with other picturesque beaches to the east and west.”
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“Crystal and Fantasy Caves offer a unique underground experience, along with an interesting story concerning it's discovery.”
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“Arts & Culture, Parks & Nature, Sightseeing, Restaurants, Beach and Shopping. Take the Ferry from Hamilton to The Royal Naval Dockyard - it is a nice boat ride on the fast ferry.”
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“Beautiful fish. Seals. Turtles. Snakes. Alligator. Plenty of other animals too. Playground for kids. Restaurant with good quick kid friendly food. ”
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“The lighthouse offers a unique view of the Islands, but you do have to work for it by climbing the many winding steps to the viewing platform. Fifteen minute drive from our location.”
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Riblji restoran
“When in Bermuda, you HAVE to try Wahoo’s food! (May be inspired to visit more than once! 😄)”
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“This is one of the many forts around the Island, strategically located to guard the eastern channel, the only entrance into our archipelago. Beaches and restaurants nearby. There is also a big tourism project underway, the building of fractional units, and a hotel are taking form right next to the fort. ”
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“beautiful scenery, great exhibits and all within the Royal Naval Dockyard. ”
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Natural Feature
“Hoseshoe Bay is one of the most popular visitor attractions, approx. fifteen minutes away. It is a full service beach, ie. umbrella and chair rentals, fast foods , and drinks, and also a full service tiki bar.”
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“The Swizzle Inn has always been a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Originally located only in the east, there is now a second location in Warwick as well. Great food and drinks! And you can catch Ben Payne's musical styling over the weekend [east end spot].”
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“Huge menu with lots of variations. Amazing sunset views. Well poured drinks. Reasonably priced for Bermuda. Always busy. Reservations Recommended. ”
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“Well this is a great place to eat with indoor and outdoor seating but I like to go in the mid to late evening on the weekiends because they have an awesome DJ and dancing.”
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Administrative Area Level 1
“A unique experience in Bermuda's old city . Experience the Ducking stool and being placed in the stocks.”
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“Bermuda’s oldest pub The Swizzle Inn and its sister pub The Swizzle South Shore are home to our national drink the Rum Swizzle created in the early 1900’s. The pubs are famous for their great atmosphere, originality and renowned food and drink. On an island swimming with fine dining establishments The Swizzles are rustic comfortable places with simple but delicious food served with fine beer, ales and cocktails.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“A bigger grocery store. You can always stop here on your way from the airport to do your shopping before arriving at the cottage.”
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“We do not recommend renting a bike unless you already have experience with motor bikes.”
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