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Bilo da se radi o razgledavanju ili otkrivanju nekih skrivenih dragulja, saznajte što grad čini jedinstvenim uz pomoć lokalaca koji ga poznaju u dušu.

“Outdoor swimming pool. Popular amongst the locals and suitable for all ages!”
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“"Fisketorget" in Bergen is one of Norway's best known and most famous outdoor markets. It sells seafood, fruits and vegetables. Ever since the 1200s the iconic fish market has been a meeting spot for locals and visitors.”
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umjetnička galerija
“All of the main museums for contemporary and classic arts in Bergen are situated along or next to Rasmus Meyers Allé, next to the Lille Lunggårdsvann lake in the middle of town. Check out for program and updates. ”
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skandinavski restoran
“Probably the most scenic restaurant in Bergen! You can either walk up or take the cable cart. Please note that this is seasonal (May-October) and subject to weather. You can always walk, but please respect the weather forecast, especially when it’s windy or snowing! There is a zipline on top and also a famous starting point for paragliders (you can book tandem flights online) and «Vidden», a popular hike from Ulriken to Fløyen (takes about 5-8 hours. Only for «mountain goats»!). ”
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Point of Interest
“Why settle for a glass of wine in the city when you can walk through the old style houses of Bergen and come to this place with a great view of the ocean and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset. ”
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Bike Rental / Bike Share
“The theatre in Bergen; "Den nationale scene". Book tickets at Info about plays:”
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“In this area you'll find pretty much anything of shops and it's in walking distance to "Bryggen" and the famous fish marked ”
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Science Museum
“Technology and wonder for children. Perfect for a long morning on a rainy day.”
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“Great place for dinner. Local cusine, short travelled food in a great atmosphere. ”
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History Museum
“The Fortress beginning as King Øystein’s estate on Holmen, which then was made into a fortress and became the residency of the feudal overlord in 1514, and the further development until the present Bergenhus Fortress. The main emphasis is on King Håkon’s estate, the wars with Sweden over control in Scandinavia, Eske Bille and the building of Bergenhus Fortress. The exhibition also shows: * The battle in Bergen harbour in 1665 and the action near Alvøen in 1808. * The IR9 effort in 1940. * The explosion at Festningskaien in 1944 and the rebuilding of Håkon’s Hall and the Rosenkrantz tower. The exhibition was earlier on display in the Rosenkrantz tower and was reopened on 24 October 2007.”
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“Tucked away in a narrow street lined by old wooden houses and right next to the Fløybanen funicular main station. Well worth the 10 minute walk! ”
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“It's very touristy but if you want to try something a bit out of the ordinary you might find something interesting to taste! ”
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Trgovački centar
“15-20 minute drive away. Has the most amount of shops in one place, so it's the best option for shopping. You could also consider going into the city center for shopping, but expect more wandering around (which can be a nice thing also).”
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Restoran koji poslužuje juhe
“Perfect place for brunch or lunch. I like the ¨happy meal¨- half sandwich, half soup.”
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“The absolute best coffee in town. Their baristas has won the national championship several times.”
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“Great place for a coffee or tea, and some Norwegian style waffles with jam or brown cheese! Very special decorations. ”
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