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Valby – najzanimljivije aktivnosti

Otkrijte najbolje što grad nudi po preporuci lokalaca. Pronađite najzanimljivije aktivnosti, mjesta za jesti i saznajte dragocjene preporuke lokalnih stanovnika.

“Big public park, right next to Copenhagen Zoo. You can see the elephants from the park, for free. Ask me or anyone in the park for details.”
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“Ethical considerations regarding the concept of Zoos aside, Copenhagen Zoo comes across as one of the more conscious institutions, particularly due to their focus on animal welfare and natural stimulation of the animals. This is evident when viewing the large spaces the animals have to roam in and natural behavior exhibited by them, which is why we think it’s worth a visit.”
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“This is basically just a park, but one to visit. Underneath the park is the catacombs that used to be used as the water supply for Copenhagen many years ago (you can visit, but its cold downthere). Nowadays Søndermarken is a park with tall grass, lots of buzzing bees and the best science festival in Copenhagen, called Bloom (only three days a year). Its directly opposit Copenhagen Zoo. ”
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Trgovački centar
“A shoppingcenter in the heart of valby. Several clothes stores, and restaurants. There is also a gym. ”
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“Magical exhibition space in old water reservoir in the middle of the park. ”
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Povijesna znamenitost
“The site where Carslberg was founded, where you can learn the history of the brewery, ride in a horse carriage and try different beers with food options too.”
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“Take a walk around the lake and get a coffee and ice cream at cafeteria. This place is also well-suited for a run. The lake is around 4 km.”
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“The Zoo is always a must-see if you go to Copenhagen with children. Here the children can let go and look at all the animals they want. Lions, hippos, tigers, bears and other animals are exhibited here in the park. Price: 195,- for adults - 105,- for children between 3 - 11 years old. Opening Hours: January and February: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 16 March: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 17 April, May, June, July and August: Monday - Friday: 9 - 18 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 20 September: All days of the week: 9 - 18 October: All days of the week: 9 - 18 November: 1/11 - 14/11 (Mon - Fri): 10 - 16 1/11 - 14/11 (Sat - Sun): 9 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Mon - Thur): 10 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Fri - Sat - Sun): 9 - 20 December: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 -20 REMEMBER! December 24th: 9 - 14 December 25th: 9 - 16 December 26th: 9 - 16 December 27th: 9 - 20 December 28th: 9 - 20 December 29th: 9 - 20 December 30th: 9 - 20 December 31th: 9 - 14 ”
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“Very beautiful part of Copenhagen which shows an important part of Danish history”
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“Vestre Kirkegård is the largest cemetery in Copenhagen, and in my opinion also the most beautiful one.”
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sushi restoran
“Sushi franchise in Denmark. Great selection of Sushi. It is a bit pricey so it's a good place for a mini celebration. But I would recommend if you were already considering Sushi to go to the same sushi franchise in the Tivoli Hotel in the city, as they have good views, all for the same price. Just take the train from Valby to Dybbølsbro (Fisketorvet).”
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Francuski restoran
“ One of the best restaurant in Copenhagen in my opinion. All courses are 140 DKK, and they still manage to have 1 michelin star! Hard to get a table here, but you might get lucky”
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“Nice and smokey bar in Frederiksberg. A cozy atmosphere and often there's live music (jazz).”
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“Frederiksberg Palace lies on top of Frederiksberg Hill overlooking the beautiful Frederiksberg Garden in the Copenhagen district of Frederiksberg. The palace dates back to the early 1700's and is inspired by the Italian style at the time. King Frederik 4 used Frederiksberg Palace as a summer palace, while King Christian 6 lived there permanently, while Christiansborg Palace was completed. King Christian 7 was born at Christiansborg Palace 29 January 1749 and lived in the first half of his life at Christiansborg with his young wife Queen Caroline Mathilde. In 1768 Queen Caroline Mathilde gave birth to the king's son, the future King Frederik 6. The royal family left Frederiksberg Palace in 1852. In 1869 the Royal Danish Army Officers Academy moved in. There are guided tours at Frederiksberg Castle on the last Saturday of each month. You can visit Frederiksberg Castle's website for more information about guided tours for groups.”
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“The Zoo has newly been renovated and innovated into combining animal enclosures to let them socialise to greater extent. Lions and Zebras are of course still separated, but the Lemurs roam free through their cages and can occasionally steal your ice cream. It's a very beautiful Zoo. ”
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“Cosy cafe with a charming interior that makes you feel like visiting your sweet grandma in her elegant livingroom. Nice service and great food and coffees -including organic and gluten free food.”
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