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for 2 nights stay, Mordern Zen temple、Free Shuttle

SuperhostEna-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan
Kupolasta kuća; domaćin je Koda、Kero
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Superhostovi su iskusni domaćini s izvrsnim ocjenama koji se iznimno trude gostima osigurati savršen boravak.
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Excellent sterilized and clean place.
For more than 2 nights stay.
From 2nd person, US 49 dollors. Free Shuttle services to Magome, Tumago , JR Ena station, and resutaurants & hot spring-Onsen in the town.

Our concern is hospitality. This place is More likely for international cultural exchange place. If you are looking for regular hotel type, please try to find some other places.

We Share Japanese Local History and Culture with you!

#This is officially licensed accommodation by Japanese hotel law.#

【Space】2 story, open ceiling space. No doors for sleeping place. Only movable partition to divide the space.

Now we do make maximum effort for cleaning with 4 different kind of disinfection methods. (by using Stablized chlorine, reglar chlorine, alcohol ,Ozone Generator and plasma cluster)

Door knob, remote controller, each electric related machine such as microwave, hair dryer, oven, faucet. drawer cutlery and mug cups, and wall and floor. The place we are able touch, we sterilize everything we can think of. Therefore we have at least 1 day off for cleaning. Therefore when you come into our airbnb place, everything has been disinfected.

【For winter time, Especially for February】 (Our town, Ena rarely gets snow.)

This place is more likely cultural exchange place for all over the world. If you hope to use just as a regular hotel, some other place might be better choice for you.
【NO self-check in, face to face service is important for us.】

【free shuttle service】
We are happy to offer free pickup and free drop off at the Ena station, Magome, Tsumago for walking old traditional post town on Edo period's Nakasendo road, restaurants,stores and natural hot springs - Onsens in the town as a courtesy to encourage car-free travellers. Please let us know ahead of time that you'll be coming without your own transportation. On the way, we can be Volunteer local history and Japanese cultures guide if you would like.

Only 1.5km to Ena Station. So it can be a good walking to get to know the local area,too. We are be very flexible with how you would like to spend a time while your staying at our place.

Japanese Experiences rather than just sightseeing. The host owner can speak English. We would like to exchange the variety of different culture from all over the world

This whole building is just for you while your staying, No Sharing
with other travelers. It is Only for you or your group.

【Super Deal for Rainy Day】 If the day for walking between Magome and Tsumago happen to be on heavy rain day, we can take you to Magome and Tsumago as a part of special rainy a half day trip guided tour which we ask for extra 4.000 Yen. (In detail: Driving to Magome and exploring about 1 hour and driving to Tsumago and spending a time at there, and then on the way coming back to our place, we stop by a few spots such as local traditional sweet store , Enakyo Gorge. hot spring or whatever you are interested in. You can save time and money for special rainy day. You will be learning many Japanese culture and traditional manners.)
In this way, you can avoid heavy rain and slippery moss trail. You will be EXPERIENCING JAPAN more than just rainy day's

This building was originally constructed and has been used for praying, for meditation, for having ritual ceremonies such as Buddhism, Shintoism, and Hindism It can be said that private own modernized Zen temple in many ways. Understanding our house rules before making reservation is strongly advised.

【Convenient transportation for Magame-Tsumago treck walker 】 No worry about currying your heavy bags on steep road, taking a bus from the stations.) Free shuttle services will solve your heavy bags problems.

【Free Wi-Fi router】
Indoor use, providing high-speed fiber optic Internet connection.

Easy going and open-minded host family provides a kind of Japanese culture exchange place. So you will know and have real Japanese experience in local countryside area.

This 9 years old building is made as a guest house and special occasions. Since it has been used only for the events, It has been kept and maintained very well as if this looks new. You can feel the good fragrance of natural wood.

***One of our priority is Sanitary.
For example, Our futon bed lines such as blankets, futon mattress sheets, pillow cover sheets, towels are always washed with "oxygen bleaching against bacteria before each our guests arrival.
Other examples, our Toilets sheet, floors have been "sanitized with alcohol carefully" each time. That is why we have many washable cover sheets for chairs and pillows.

These carefully sanitizing process for killing germs and bacteria are part of our room cleaning process, we dedicate doing our facility to be kept in clean. ***

Only disadvantage of our location is in residential area. Unlike typical hotels in commercial area, our location is not good for shopping.

However it is Peaceful and quiet place with full of good energies.

Free shuttle services to Ena station will solve the distance problems.

ArchangelEna, with Directed by a famouse feng shui master/geomasiter, Dedecagon shaped architect is a landmark building.

Host's house is located 2 buildings away form where you stay.

Japanese Minimalism Interior with well equipped industrial products for everyday life is our place.

Our architect and interior' motto is fusion, merging modern technology, Japanese Modern style minimalism, simple beauty with Japanese tradition.

Our characteristic life is basically simple Zen style.

You will see and experiences of the beauty of Japanese modern wooden unique craftmanship Structure. That because our local area is well know as ”匠” Takumi, means well wooden craftmanship. Also this ArchangelEna architecture is motif of this Galaxy Universe.

It is in local country side, but it is easy to access from Chubu Centair Nagoya Ariport. (110 minites by train.) and Easy one day trip to kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, too!

Last minutes Reservation can be possible.

Basic Our Check in time is 3:00 pm-9 pm.and Check Out time is 11 am. เรายินดีต้อนรับคนไทย

Dostupno gostima
Arriving at Ena earlier than regular check in time, you might to want to go Iwamura Town (400 years old mountain castle town) by using the single local train, Akechi Railroad. It is not much English tourist guide book written about it, however recently many international tourists start visiting the beautiful town, Iwamura. It is one of recommend place around this area.

Before you go to Iwamura town, you can leave your heavy bags in the coin Lockers of the Ena station.

If you are interested in the old Edo period's wooden prints, you might want to go to the Hirosige Art of Museum,Ena which is only 300m, 4 minutes walking. It is next to the super market, Valor. Visitor can make your own multicolored print by using the wooden blocks. Easy making and fun!

Free Shuttle Service to Magome & Tsumago.

Easy to access: By Train (all by Japanese railroad pass)
65 minutes to Nagoya.
115 minutes to Kyoto.
Less than 3 hours to Tokyo.
130 minutes to ShinOsaka.
90 minutes to Matsumoto (for kamikouchi)
180 minutes to Takayama. (Better short way is 2 hour non-highway drive:100km)

By car: 90 minutes to Chuubu Centrair Airport(118km)

Ostale napomene
This place is more likely cultural exchange place for all over the world. If you hope to use just as a regular hotel, this listing is Not suitable for you. Other places are be better choice for you.

【Our place has very unique house rules, Please Read Our House Rules Carefully for avoiding misunderstanding trouble. For example, No drinking alcohol in the building. Only vegetarian foods are allowed in this building. At the Outside of this property, this rules do not apply. 】

This is more likely Home Stay place for any levels of ages even though host, owner do not live in this building. (2 building away from where you stay in.)

2 story, open space as Duplex. Wide open space. No doors for sleeping place. Only movable partition to divide the space.

Many people say that, "If you have a tight schedule is 1 night 2 days is good, but if you spend more than 2 nights, Surely you will have more memorable trip because you have so many things to do in this area. "

*【Free Vegetarian breakfast 】 Vegan style can be arranged. For Diabetic, blood sugar controlled meals can be arranged. Your special requests are recommend by Advance Notice. Self-service styled breakfast is our style, so you can eat it anytime you like.

We provide 2 different vegetarian meals for dinner. We ask it for buying the ingredient's cost.
1: Simple meal such as Japanese curry and rice. 1.000 YEN for each person. (No other dishes, only one dish plate meal.)

2: ( Dinner Set, Japanese style vegetarian home cooking meal is extra option for US $12-$15 dollars for each person. Original home made vegetarian meals with taste of Chinese styles, Thai style, Italian Styles, as well as Japanese style. We provide milk product such as Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, butter. Also rich of B12 of Nutritional Yeast.
(No fish, No Egg, No meat, No crab, No shrimp are served in our building.)
We can offer the Low Carbohydrate Vegetarian dinner. The cost is US 16 dollors for each person. Advance notice is recommended.

If you are not sure about vegetarian food, we can provide you with FAKE MEAT, FAKE FISH as Táiwān sùshí style. 台湾素食、菜食。
So Everybody can enjoy the Meals.

We can provide Vegan meal( in advance notice. )

If you have allergy such as soy,wheat, buckweat, Please let us know.

We can make some arrangements upon your request how you would like to spend time, so please do not hesitate to contact with us.

【Optional Tour or activities】

Seasonable activity: 【Making your hand made Japanese green tea in May】
The first and second week of May, 【Making your Own Japanese Tea in a one day experience】 is available. In am, picking and collecting new Japanese tea leaves. From afternoon, roasting the leaves you picked. Lunch and snack are included. The first person: 8.000 Yen. From second person: 6.000 Yen.

For a English speaking guide including basic ground transportation is US $90 dallors /a group.

Other one day trip is also available.
for example:

1: Treck walking at Akasawa Forestry park walk in Agematsu, kiso Valley. On the way, we do other sight seeing, driving of other historical areas of Kiso valley district.

2: Visiting Kashimo town, famous for hinoki tree Japanese cypress tree for making shrines, and temples, and Visiting Gero, well known for hot spring town.

3: Getting know this local Back kiso areas:
It is depends on your interest, but you can choose activities from as followings : Visiting ”Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena."Ukiyo-e art museum. Ukiyo-e is hand color wooden block prints in Edo period.
Hiroshige Museum is 3 minutes walking from Ena station.

Making your own Japanese pottery. Making your own Soba ,traditional buckwheat,noodle and eat the soba noodle. Sight seeing kiso river boat with unsual huge shaped rocks at Enakyo. A world wide well known guiter maker' s factory tour, Toki premium outlet mall, etc.

【 for night time】
「Star View at a 1400m height mountain) at Achi.
(Please try to find SVA, achi. In internet.)

It is called as "Nippon Ichi, the stars Viewing Tour"

By using the total 2.500m length ropeway(cable car), we will reach up to the 1.400m altitude of the mountain with starlet sky.

Silence and no town lights will make the sky much more illusionistic .

Daily event is scheduled. Stars can be seen by actual your eyes, as well as by using astronomical telescopes.

We leave here at 6:00 pm and come back to our place around 10:30. No advance booking is necessary because of mountain weather. Around new moon is recommended compared with full moon. New moon is dark enough to see more stars.

Ropeway(cable car) ride: 1.700Yen/Under 15 years old: 3.500Yen./16 years old to Adult
(If you need a guide & Ground transportation including highway expense is 9.000 yen/ individual or group. )

for star watching, Night time.
・April 11th (Sat)~May 24th(Sun)
・Oct 3rd(Sat)~Oct 17th (sat)

Ropeway open hours
上り Up 19:00~最終 last 20:00発
下り Down 21:00発~最終まで

For amazing cloud view with Morining Sun Rise.
・Oct 18th (Sun)~Nov 23rd(Mon)

Until Nov 23rd、morining time is open.
They open from 5:15am.

Ropeway for round trip & observation ropeway

Adult: 3,500円 (YEN) for each adult.

Other wise, 8:30 ~ 16:30 is the regular open hours.

Even Cloudy , rain day, they have scheduled program.
Only when the weather affects the Ropeway(cable car) service, no open to public.


【For Winter time】
Ski, Snowshoe Hiking & hot springs are recommended:

30 km to go to the Ski sloop ground (40 minutes by car)
The top of the mountain is 1.600 meter high altitude.
(Please check sonohara ski At internet.)

SKI areas are open December 18th to mid March. (No ski equipment, No ski wears are necessary. Rentals are available)

A: ski courses are mainly for beginners.
Special Event for children

B: Special area for kid. ( for snow playing, snow sleigh. Not allow sking in this area.) Open morning to 16:15 , extra admission fee is 500YEN. Many young aged children love this!

C: snowshoe area (This can be good for all of your group.)

D: Under age 7 years children, free of charge for lift ticket.

E: Ski class are variety of ranges (4.100YEN-7.000YEN)for each person.

One day pass: Adult/4.150YEN, Age(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)YEN.
From afternoon, a half day pass: Adult/3.450YEN, Age(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)YEN. Under 7 years is no charging for lift ticket.

They have rental system including snow gloves, snow wears, ski equipment.
Everything including ski wear & Ski equipments rental set for kid is Japanese 7.200 YEN.
They also provide Snowshoe hiking. (Snowshoe, boots, hiking snow stockpoles, set for rental cost is 3.200 YEN).

If you need to have a car service & guide fee for this ski area + Onsen, hot spring, the cost is 15.000 Yen including toll express fee and everything. (Just for the shuttle services to Heavens Sonohara Ski Resort for round trip is 9.000 Yen including toll express. )

【Hot springs】
Administration fee for hot springs are various from 500 Yen to 1.500 Yen. Many indoor, outdoor hot springs are around this area.

You can have a private hot spring(natural mineral hot spring), it will cost 2.160 Yen more for additional fee.
This private hot spring is only available between noon and 3 pm. Not for evening time. Only weekdays are available. Rental time is for 45 minutes.

If you ever want to try unique spiritual experience, such as Takigyo, ascetic practicing by sitting under a waterfall. Swimwear is needed(White color is preferable. ) Optional fee is 4.500 Yen/person.

These two things are provided by just our place, no other people can do what we do.

A: Buddist style animal releasing practice , releasing big fishes into local rivers can be arranged, too. (this animal releasing practice,
no need to pay for extra guide fee.)

B: Our specialty is teaching a Authentic and effective meditation for any levels. ( Fee: $50 for 2 hours. )

C: Getting know the Japanese & oriental spiritualism. This is 2 days course. We spend one night at Nagano area. This is 500 km drive for 2 days trip.
You will understand deeply the Shintoisum as well as Buddhism & Hinduism. After taking this course, you will have much clear ideas because very precise explanation of each area will be address to you. Mini lectures is provided.

Minimum attending party is from 2 people.

Everything included. such as meals, staying , ground transportation, donation for special blessing from top shrine priest,too. You also visit famous temple, Zenkou-ji and well known Samurai, Sanada family's places in Matsushiro.
Our specialized Meditation class included too.

Everything included for 2 days Real Japanese Spritual trips is US $300 /person.
Only this plan have to be booked in advance, a week notice is appreciated.

【Our Optional Provided Workshops from US】
-Japanese easy vegetarian cooking class for beginner. Fee $80 for 3 hours.

- Home made enzyme juice with fruits and wild herbs. Fee:$100 for 3 hours.

-Self detoxification with oriental Medicinal Herbs Fee:$100 for 3 hours.

--Zen & Theravada Buddhism meditation. Fee: $50 for 2 hours/a group. --This is good for any levels. (Beginner to Adavanced Level courses are available. This simple & effective course is Big recommendation !)

--Zen & Theravada Buddhism meditation with the essence of Buddha's teaching: US 90 dallors /person, or one family. For a friend's group has to be considered as separate group. About 4 hours session.
(This course provides the best understanding of 84.000 lessons of Buddha's teaching & the most effective meditation methods. ) This is the best course for Buddha's teaching. You will be learning far beyond the regular Zen Buddhism. After this course, This World the way you see will be changed completely.

--April to November, Only Saturday morning, you are welcome to join the SAIBHAATSU practice for Thailand monks in Matsumoto casttle area. Depature time is very early time. We leave 3:30 am and finishing the SAIBAATSU practice by 7:30 am in Matsumoto. After that you can continue to stay in Matsumoto or you can come back to Ena with host's car. Sometimes, hosts stay for visiting the Thailand style temple until 2 pm then come back to Ena. Fee for joining this SAIBAATSU program is 2.000 Yen. (Saibhaatsu is offering foods or drink to the Monks in order to get merits, Bhun. )
This program is held beteween April and End of November. Only Saturday is the day, no other days are available.

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Zakon o poslovanju hotela i prenoćišta | 岐阜県恵那保健所 | 岐阜県指令恵保第262号の2
Excellent sterilized and clean place.
For more than 2 nights stay.
From 2nd person, US 49 dollors. Free Shuttle services to Magome, Tumago , JR Ena station, and resutaurants & hot spring-Onsen in the town.

Our concern is hospitality. This place is More likely for international cultural exchange place. If you are looking for regular hotel type, please try to find some other places.

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Ena-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan

Are you interested in the treck walking on Magome and Tsumago of Nakasendo road of Edo era?

We would like to suggest for 2 night staying for relaxing time.

For example:
After spending the 1st night, we will drive you to Magome. and your members enjoy walking to Tsumago, and we will pick you up at Tsumago. and have a good rest at 2nd night.

On the driving, we can stop by local supermarkets, 100yen shops, famous traditonal & modern sweet shops (that many out of town people vist ) or whatever you would like to go.

On the way to go to Magome, you can go to a Local fruit farmer to pick fruits from early August to mid November. Strawberry picking is availablefrom January to May.

*Grapes(early Aug -early Oct)
*Chest nuts (early Sep -early Oct) This starts at 10:00~/14:00~
*Apples (late Sep - mid Nov.)
The fee is various but somewhere around 700 Yen/under 12 years. 1.400Yen/adult.

【Strawberry Picking】(2017) Friday is closed.
*Januray 5th- March 20th: Price 1.8360 Yen(7 years old to Adult). 1.026 Yen (3 years -6 years old) Free(under 3 years old.)

*March 21st-May 8th: Price 1.512 Yen(7 years old to Adult). 810 Yen (3 years -6 years old) Free(under 3 years old.)

May 9th - end of May: Price 1.026 Yen(7 years old to Adult). 540 Yen (3 years -6 years old) Free(under 3 years old.).

After walking, a massage can be available as an optional fee.

If the weather is no good , we can suggest you other activities which is depend on your interest area. So you will have a pleasant trip.

One the way to driving to Magome, you will see the other part of Nakasendo road such as Ooi town, it will be a good comparison.

Our country side has many historical sites of Edo period. Not only Tsumago, Magome, our town, Ooi is 46th town of Nakasendo of Edo. Manufacturing with craftmanship.

Not just regular sight seeing, but your memorized experiences of Japanesque, and oriental minded can be your life treasure. That what we would like to have as unique experiences of your Journey.

We are proud to have you and show you around.
Are you interested in the treck walking on Magome and Tsumago of Nakasendo road of Edo era?

We would like to suggest for 2 night staying for relaxing time.

For example:

Domaćin je Koda、Kero

Član od ožujak 2015.
  • 214 recenzija
  • Superhost
Japanese Site: ht​tp:​//a​rch​ang​el-​ena​.co​m/    English site: 【日本語での紹介は末尾にございます。】 I and my family are easy going and open-minded. We speak English.( we are native Japanese.) We are also world wide travellers. Our family is Vegetarian , and specialized in oriental herbs and home made enzyme.  We often visit Thai temples for Taanbun. I,Koda teach Darma to meditation to Japanese people when we bring them to Thailand. We can offer 【Free Zen temple style、traditional Japanese Vegetarian breakfast.】 We can also offer 【Vegan meals】your special requested of Vegetarian meals in advanced adjustment. Sorry we can not serve you eggs. Our family is not so much into sport, but we practice "dou-道” Sho-dou 書道、Japanese Calligraphy. Ken-dou 剣道, Japanese swordsmanship. Meditation with Buddist Styles . Every cultural diversity is good way to start for communication each other. What more important thing is respect each other with dignities. Our family have courtesy to have you from around the world. If you looking for a good country side of Japan, you may consider us as one of your choices! 【Our Specialities , Experts areas】 1: Specialized in Kiso Valley: Nakasendo, a major route connecting Tokyo and Kyoto during Edo Period. We can be your good guide of Magome, Tsumago, Nakatsugawa, Ooi town. We are kind of kataribe 語り部【story teller】 You will get to know and Understand more deep inside of Japan and orientalism. We give you many perspective points of views such as folklore, good Japanese country side of traditional customs, local legends with spirituality of old Japanese, as well as architect and history. You will get to know deep inside of traditonal & modern Japanese and Japanese life styles which you can not get from regular guide book. With a Background of Majoring in Japanese local history in Buddhism University, we can tell many interesting story of deep aspects of Japanesque. Kataribe 語り部【story teller】: undersatanding more deep inside of Japanese and orientalism. legend, history,old story of Japan, local That's what we can offer for your Japanese exploring. 2: We have deep knowledge of Japanese and oriental spiritualism. That’s because we have dedicated whole life in Exploring and getting holy wisdom from many greatest masters and Gurus all around from Asia such as Buddist highest monks of Thailand, Indian Jain holy saint, Philippines's greatest Psychic surgery healers, grandmaster of orasion. many times of pilgrim such as Tibets’s Mt Kailas and Lunbini. We are exactly where and how we are standing on the Japanese and oriental spritualism. Because of unusual experiseses and wider views based on Japanese ritual heritage with many world wide wisdom. 3: Oriental Herbs and Japanese vegetarian cooking areas come along with it naturally. As we can provide optional tour: 【regular sight seeing】 A half day trip or one day trip around this Ena, Nakatugawa, historical Edo period Nakasendo town of Kisoji:Kiso Valley, Tsumago & Magome, Narai. Also castle town, Iwamura. Shopping for Toki premium Premium. Gero hotspring, Takayama, Sirakawa-go:Unesco World heritage site. some horse riding, Trying making soba noodle facilties, Japanese Pottery making facilities and many things: **************** Beside that 【OUR SPECIALTY】 is 【Holy spiritual Activities】& Vegetarian Meals, We can make very special arrangements as followings: *************** * Meditation Experiences at Japanese local buddist Zen temple where no tourist vistting, only local people place,is just for you. *Getting special blessing from Shinto shrine chief priest just for you. If you wish, You can have world wide reputable Psychic Surgery,too. (this we will be our special one day trip arrangement) *Getting nobel sprit's holy water for your making wishes and health. *You can make a wish at Omokaru-stone, if your wish come true, the holy special stone can be easily lifted where as the stone is fairly heavy at normal time. 【Our ORIGINAL WORKSHOPS 】are as following: -Self detoxification with oriental Medicinal Herbs   Fee:$100 for 3 hours. - Home made enzyme with furuits and wild herbs. Fee:$100 for 3 hours. -Zen & Theravada Buddhism meditation. For 1st time Fee: $50 for 2hours. -Japanese easy Vegetarian cooking class for everyone. ( Japanese easy Vegan cooking based on four elements can be available.) $80 for 3 hours. and more workshop styles. Gruoup session can be discount rates. ******************* 【Extra notes 】 I am also a worldwide researcher of Supernatural Power & supernatural phenomena. Psychic Surgery and materialization is my speciality for many years. Unseen and unbelievable videos can be shown only when your request. ******************** 【Last minutes Reservation can be possible. 】 That is because we do not want you to be a touring refugee in middle of Japan! If you are looking for as real Japanese culture more deeply, and some traditional oriental amazing experiences, this could be your best destination! Our family is looking forward to see you! 【about airbnb】 With the recent technology of our every day life, this world seems to be getting smaller. Who could have imaged that the local area such like my family place in Japan can be international place from all over the world. One Parisian is speaking to her family by Skype whereas Japanese host is taking to Californian who is sitting next each other. we all sit and enjoy eating dinner together with the same table. This kind of situation had never imagined for 10 years ago. This is not just a regular sight seeing, but all new experiences of cultural exchange which we never had. It is getting a exciting world and new era of beginnings. 【末尾となり申しわけございません。 日本語でのご挨拶は下記の通りです。】 私たち家族3人は生粋のこの地である恵那・中津川地方で生まれ育った人間です。  スポーツというより、自分と向き合う日本古来からの道とつくものの方が性に合っているようです。  表向きは、菜食でお酒も飲まない家庭なので真面目で誠実に努める人達という印象を持たれるかもしれません。   実は以外とオタクであり、我が家のバイブルは、魁、男塾かもしれませんし、鬼灯の冷徹、辺りかもしれません。  夫は、不思議な事、超常現象をリサーチするという、ちょっと変わった家族ですが、物事の本質をいつも捉えたい、核心に迫りたいという探究心は、世界の不思議発見より不思議さ加減では上を行くかもしれない、と鼻息荒く今も突き進んでいます。   妻は、世界中に食べ物は色々あるけれど、どうなっているの? という思いが絶えずあるため、 我が家の食卓は、いつも菜食での料理研究の道という名の下にて、お客様にご馳走を振る舞わない時は、実験!?爆走中の模様です。 親が見ている世界の方向性が違うがゆえ、我が子も、両方の性格を引き継いでいるとしか言いようがないようです。 ホスト役として、地元に住む人間として、また、ある程度の経験も積んで来た年となり、 他の地域との比較、この地域性はもとより、一般の見識、見聞をお伝えする事と同時に、少し違う角度からみた場合の日本の地方の良さ、日本人としての良さ、他の国の方ならば、 日本とそれぞれの自国の再発見をする旅のお手伝いが出来ましたら幸いです。   もちろん、とはいえ、お節介になってはいけませんので、礼節を持って対応を心掛けています。  ゲストの方々にとって、程よい、さじ加減でホスト役として旅の主人公であるゲストの方々の引き立て役、裏方として、思い出に残る旅のお手伝いができましたら幸甚です。
Japanese Site: ht​tp:​//a​rch​ang​el-​ena​.co​m/    English site: 【日本語での紹介は末尾にございます。】 I and my family are easy going and open-minded. We speak…
Tijekom boravka
Please let us know how much you would like to interact, our family response to your requests. (Your request is great help for each other. We will be open to your ideas and opinions.)

If you need to have English interpreting for making reservation or whatever, We are glad to help you for your continuous trip.

(Note: We would like to make a Clear Boundary Line from the other our listing which is about Japanese and oriental spiritualism. Even thought Our speciality  is teaching Meditation in Budha's Darma and explaining Shintoism.  There are so many temples in Japan, however regular Japanese  temple can not explain or teach who is Budha and Budha's teaching. After long our Spiritual journey in meeting great teachers in India, tibet, Philippine, we now bring Japanese people  for authentic Budha's teaching in Thailand and sometimes teaching in Japan. This listing is more likely toward to ordinal activities, such as hiking, cooking class, pottery class, typical Japanese life experiences.)
If we do as a one day guide for your party, optional cost is basically US $90 dollars with basic ground Transportation(Highway Toll expense is NOT Included) for 1 day Optional trip. (Regularly we do not use toll road to drive around this area unless you have a special request.)
A half day guide & ground transportation is $50 dollars per a group.

【Optional services 】can be arranged upon on your interests.
For example:

*a half day trip, or one day trip are good for rainy day,too.

*Making Soba, buckweat、noodles with your own hands.
90minutes session. \4.320YEN for a group(1 person-4 people)
25 minutes away drive, and For English speaker, you must have a optional interpreter guide needed for the making instruction. ( If you are attending just this Making Soba Noode class, For a guide & ground Transportation cost is not including, for this guide cost is basically 3.000 Yen. Therefore attending Soba Noodle class cost will be 3.240 Yen + 3.000Yen for guide and Transportation , total cost : 6.240Yen for 1-3 person, 7.320Yen for 4 people )
You can also ask a half day guide & transportation for 5.000Yen for your group , it will be more reasonable cost.

*Japanese traditonal pottery making class. About 3.000YEN/each person. And additional interpreter guide needed for the making instruction. (this pottery class can be arranged in the optional tour.)
Also Shipping cost is extra,too.

After 4-8 weeks later, your original baked pottery will be delivered to your home. (Extra shipping cost is necessary for your own pottery: 1.75kg up to 2kg weight for Express air shipping cost to Asian is 3.300 YEN. Australia, US are 4.500 YEN, To EU is 5.000 YEN. 2kg is more likely for 1 person.

If your parcel is SAL(Surface Air Lifted), It is less expensive. But Not tracking number for shipping.
1.9kg up to 2kg weight for SAL cost to Asia is 1.700 YEN. Australia, US, EU are 2.200 YEN, 2kg is more likely for 1 person.

. Domestic shipping from pottery class to my place is 1.200 Yen for regular size.
(This also requires the extra 4.000 YEN for guide & ground transportation.)

*Japan, Kiso District uniquely inhabited Kiso Horse riding. Their characteristic is small body and , gentle, obedient. It is suitable for everybody.

*For one day or a half day hiking, Super clean river with good mountain treck trail such us Akasawa Forestry Park in Agematsu in Kiso Valley.

Many arrangements can be possible.

Driving to historical sight seeing area for Edo era with our speaker who was Japanese history major in University.

Seasonable ideas:

Lightning bugs can be seen around mid June, we can go for a walk to see them. That is very Peaceful time just to see them. It is a beginning of summer time sign for us.

Summer time, quite many summer festivals with fireworks on weekend around this area.

Winter time is good for ski and snow hiking and many hot spring,too. (Detail information is down below.)
Please let us know how much you would like to interact, our family response to your requests. (Your request is great help for each other. We will be open to your ideas and opinions…
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