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These are 2 beds put together. You can separate them very easily.
These are 2 beds put together. You can separate them very easily.
  • Please read all the remarks under the pictures.
  • A beautiful little house, completely independant and warm! well from one side it looks like a garage, but that's only decoratif ;) You can use the whole garden if you want. And the white sofa's outside are there for you! Enjoy your stay!
  • These are 2 beds put together. You can separate them very easily.
  • A nice practical little house close to everything
  • There is a small window in de bathroom. You can open it to ventilate.
  • The bathroom has a shower + sink + toilet (+shampoo + conditionner+shower gel + toilet paper + clean towels)
  • The open kitchen has a fridge, cooking plate, sink, combi microwave, coffee machine, water boiler and a bread toaster.  You can buy your own favourite coffe at the store close by ;)
  • A nice practical little house close to everything
  • There is some basic fresh food in the house (bread, milk, eggs, fruit etc.) it is bought specially for you. So you have everything to prepare a nice breakfast in the morning.
  • This is the third bed. It is down stairs. If you need more blankets,  you can use the ones inside this black-white table.
  • The lake's naam is Boteszwembaai Zuidbroek, it is 3km from this house. It is a beautiful little place to relax.
  • This is how you go to the little lake. You will see the parking easily while passing by :) there are toilets and some tables where to have a pick nick
  • If you want to cycle around, please let me know in advance so I can prepare you the bicycles. You don't have to pay anything for it. If you want to put the seat higher or lower you can use the wrench in the kitchen drawer.
  • If you have a car, you can park it at this parking place. It is just at the other side of the road :)
  • Restaurant Paradisio and snackbar De Koppel are next to each other! You can choose between a classy or quick meal.
  • This old castle Fraeylemaborg is a wonderful place to get married or to spend a nice time together. It is only 6 km from the little house and it has a great forest with beautiful art elements. This is the adres : Hoofdweg 30, 9621 AL Slochteren.
  • At only 500 m from the little house you'll find a typical mill. You can visit it from inside and see how mills were build in the 17the century.
  • The massive Google data center is just 30 km from this house. The adres is Google Eemshaven.
  • If it is hot and you like water, you can also go to Hoornseplas in Groningen. You can park in different places and visit the whole area, it is very beautiful ;)
  • At 20 km from Noorbroek you'll find the city Groningen. The great train central station is a real piece of art.
  • You can go out in Groningen, have fun and  drink nice dutch beer and come back by train to rest for the night . There are so many things to do in Groningen.
  • Groningen has a beautiful museum. There are nearly always nice expositions to see. Science, haute couture, photography etc. Just check their online agenda.
  • The Martini Tower (in dutch Martinitoren) is the highest building in Groningen. You find it in the center of Groningen just at the "Grote Markt". You can climb till the top (with lift or stairs) and see the city from above ;) very beautiful!
  • Bourtange is at 40 km and it is one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands. There are many restaurants and cafés to spend a nice day with familie or friends.
  • Nieuwe Statenzijl Dollard  : This is the very last point of the Netherlands. It's a very special place to visit but don't forget to walk to the Kiekkaast and see the different birds :)
  • Nieuwe Statenzijl Dollard  : This is the  Kiekkaast, don't miss it ! ;)
  • The market in Groningen (on the Vismarkt) is open every thuesday, friday and saturday. There are many dutch specialities you can eat there for very little money ;) You can park your car in the Interparking Centrum. It is next to the Vismarkt.
  • Restaurant Taste & Flavour (Reitdiephaven 161 in Groningen) 
(1ste flour with stairs)
 is an "All you can eat" restaurant. Very fresh food and a self service 
 place so don't forget the wok! You can park your car in next to the building (it's free).
  • Taste & Flavour. This is their website :
  • A nice practical little house close to everything
  • The shopping street in Groningen is the Herestraat. You can park in the center and walk to the shops. On monday they open  at 12 ! When you're there ans you want to eat fresh, I advise you to go to the Hema or to La Place next to the Martinitower ;)
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These are 2 beds put together. You can separate them very easily.