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    • Show guests what makes you a credible and passionate Host

    • Paint a detailed picture of what you’ll be doing

    • Set clear expectations for guests, and list what you'll be providing

    • Optimize your calendar, cutoff times, and pricing

    Looking to create an exceptional Experience page that attracts guests? We’ve gathered tips from our community of successful Hosts on how to make your Experience page shine.

    1. Tell a story

    Think of your Airbnb Experience listing as your storefront. It’s what guests see before they decide to book and what sets your Experience apart.

    Let your credibility shine
    Every Experience needs a great leader. In the About you section, tell potential guests about you and your passions.

    Many people find it hard to talk about themselves, but guests want to know what makes you stand out from the pack. Start your bio by considering the following prompts:

    • When did you start learning about your topic?
    • Have you lived in your city for a long time?
    • Have you ever been publicly recognized (e.g. have you received awards or have articles been written about you)?
    • What is something that stands out about your past?
    • Are you a member of a recognizable community?
    • What about your passion makes you the perfect Host for this Experience? What special qualities make you unique?

    This sailing experience listing for example, clearly demonstrates the Host’s credibility.

    Paint a picture of what you’ll be doing
    Guests are more likely to be excited about booking your Experience if they have a clear understanding of what to expect. In the What we’ll do section:

    • Share the story of this Experience and describe the beginning, middle, and end
    • Walk them through what landmarks or locations they will see along the way, if there’s more than one location
    • Share what makes the location or activity special and unique—be detailed!
    • Share the activities they will participate in and explain how they will interact with other guests

    For inspiration on writing a description that helps guest know what to expect, check out this DJ for a day listing.

    Feeling stuck? Share a brief description of your Experience with a friend. What are all the questions they have about your Experience?

    2. Set expectations

    Setting clear expectations has helped many Hosts find success. This can set you up for more 5-star reviews, and the higher your reviews, the more likely guests will book.

    Be clear in the ‘What you’ll provide’ section
    Guests often determine the value of the Experience based on what will be included compared to the cost to participate. If you say two drinks are included, provide at least two drinks. If you say one hour of meditation is included, make sure it’s one full hour. Many negative guest reviews are based on unmet expectations.

    Pro tip: Many Hosts provide something extra that guests aren’t expecting. This allows the Host to wow their guests in person.

    3. Boost your bookings

    Make sure your Experience page is working for you by optimizing your calendar, cutoff times, and pricing.

    Adding more availability
    Imagine each spot on your calendar as an opportunity for guests to find you. Of course, your schedule is always up to you, but the more availability you can offer, the more opportunities there are for guests to book.

    Play with pricing to win more guests
    Just like your calendar, you’re also always in control of your price. We’ve seen many Hosts jumpstart their bookings by starting at a lower introductory price, then increasing it over time as they see positive reviews start to roll in.

    Our data shows that in-person Experiences with tickets already included (to a show, museum, game, etc.) get more bookings than in-person Experiences that make you pay separately to attend these venues.

    Keep your Experience active in search results
    Many bookings are made within two days of when the Experience begins. Consider setting your cutoff times as close to the start time as possible so your Experience remains visible to these last-minute bookers.

    Successful Hosts know their listing is never really done—they find opportunities to evolve at every step of the journey. You can continue to adapt your page as you learn from your guests on what works best for you, your finances, and your lifestyle. 


    • Show guests what makes you a credible and passionate Host

    • Paint a detailed picture of what you’ll be doing

    • Set clear expectations for guests, and list what you'll be providing

    • Optimize your calendar, cutoff times, and pricing

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