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Jedinstvene aktivnosti koje nudi Muscat Governorate

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Muscat Governorate – sve aktivnosti u blizini

Trip to Wahiba Sand & Wadi Bani Khalid
**ALL IN ONE TRIP** A trip to Al Sharqiya Governorate, with its picturesque nature, golden sands and beautiful valleys: The trip will start from Muscat at 8:00 am from your location towards Bidiyah (Wahiba sand), the drive will be for 2 hours where you will see the beautiful Hajar mountain range along the way. After reaching Bidiyah, you will experience camel riding, going around the sand dunes and visiting a Bedouin house, seeing Bedouin life and how they are living. At 12:00 am, will have a delicious Omani lunch before going to Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis, it is around 30 mins drive from the Waiba sand. You will enjoy the swim in the natural wadi while we prepare snacks and tea. Finishing from the swim around 4:00 pm, to head back to Bidiyah to experience the exciting 4WD crossing in sand dunes, sand boarding and ending the afternoon session with a sunset view while having an Arabic coffee with Omani sweet Finishing the trip around 7 pm and heading back to Muscat. You will reach Muscat around 9 pm, and that is the end of the trip. Note: Pls bring: Sun protection Swim suit Small backpack
Wadi Shab and Bimmah Day Tour
Discover the incredible oasis of Wadi Shab - one of the last places in Oman where you can chill in fresh blue water surrounded by mountains. Enjoy a rewarding full-day experience as you explore this spectacular waterfall in a cave. Start the tour with pick up from your hotel in Muscat. Hop into an air-conditioned vehicle and set off on a 2-hour scenic drive through the otherworldly landscapes of Oman. Along the route, stop at a local coffee shop to try an energizing Omani tea. When you arrive at your destination, hidden away in the canyon of the dry river Wadi-Shab, take a very quick boat ride to the other side of the bank. From here, embark on your 40-minute hike. During the walk, experience the awesome power of nature which has forged the rock formations of this impressive canyon. Observe how the local farmers live and work, maintaining their crops in rough, rocky lands using the old irrigation system as their water supply. Be sure to bring along your waterproof cameras and shoes so that when you reach the lake you can snap some photos and walk around through the magnificent site. Admire the cascade of the waterfall and take a refreshing dip in the beautiful blue water to cool off from the heat. On the way back, stop to see a beautiful lake located in the Bimmah Sinkhole. Finally, return to the vehicle and begin the drive back to Muscat where you will be dropped off at Hotel
Experience Bimmah Sinkhole and wadi shab
We will leave Muscat at 8 am, picking you from your hotel and heading to Hawiat Najm (Bimmah sinkhole). We will enjoy our time there and then head to Wadi Shab, where we will have to take a boat to take us inside the Wadi. We will be hiking towards the Wadi until we get to the pool. We will swim there, and for the ones who feels comfortable, we can go forward to the cave and swim through it! IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING. We will have lunch there and some snacks here and there as well! Afterwards, we will leave Wadi Shab with unforgettable experience. Other things to note Picking up from your hotel and giving you the best experience, then drop you back to your hotel again. Any requests are welcomed. Any further information can be through private message or WhatsApp +96896722644
Muscat life and culture
The experience gives the guest an interesting trip in the Governorate of Muscat. Journey begins From the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Then we make the way to the village of Al Khoud and its most important geological features and the surrounding folk houses. . And then to the Royal Opera House to learn about musical art. Arriving at the Muttrah Souq and walking in front of the Muttrah Corniche. This trip is characterized as a comprehensive and brief review of the most important features of the capital, Muscat. As well as the social aspects of the city. Through the journey, I describe the cultural and social pattern of people. Meditation on the mountainous and agricultural nature and relaxation by the sea are among the most important exceptional stops on this trip. The visitor will live the hustle and bustle of city life in a trip that does not exceed more than 4 hours
Fun outdoor activities with Omani women
Are you looking for something different to do in Oman ? Day tour around muscat, we will see the beautiful grand mosque then we will head off to the traditional market in Mattrah after that we will pass by Al alam palace, last thing we will learn more about Oman’s history in the national museum. Join me for a unique experience with all different type of outdoor activities such as hiking in beautiful view trails, camping by soft sand beaches or the desert, kayaking and snorkelling and so much more.
North coast and hidden waterfall trip
I will pick you up from your stay in muscat morning. Then we will drive along the coastal road to Tiwi village on the way you will enjoy the veiw of the amazing beachs. Then we will drive through the amazing farms, mountains and old villages unill we reach mibam village. At this place we willhike through the palm trees and mago farms for about 15 minutes ( 500 meter). Then we will reach to the hidden water fall with amazing view where you can enjoy swimming in the pools under the water fall. After that we will hike and swim to the amazing big pools where you can relax swimming and enjoying the unforgatable view, also we will make coffee with dates to make unforgatable experience. After this we will back through the farms to the cars. Then we will go to the amazing white sand beachs and Pearl beachs (you have the choice which you prefere) You will enjoy the beach and swimming on it. After that we will visit the unique sink hole and take unforgatable photos. Then we back to muscat. Note : lunch will be at one of the restaurants in Tiwi village
Dance with Wave at Ras Al Hamra Private Club
Rash Al hamra beach club RAHRC is a unique beach club where you can enjoy white sand beach, kayaking, swimming and hiking to the secret beach. Also you can enjoy BBQ if you wish gril by your self there is places ready for BBQ, As well there is 2 resturants and bars where you can enjoy food and drinks with beach veiw and latine music the prices of the bar drinks is cheaper than others out side ras al hamra club. In my experience I will provide for you enterance for the club. Below the details of experience: I will come to you and collect you from your stay in muscat or any meeting point you wish inside muscat. We will go togather to Ras Al hamra club where I will make enterance for you ( note : photo of ID or passport is needed). In the club you can enjoy swimming in the beach as much as you want ( there is umbrellas, beach beds and shower rooms. Also there is bar where you can get something to drink while enjoying suntan in beach. Also you can enjoy Kayaking in the beach and I will lead you to kayak through the amazing sea cave. Other activity I make for you is hiking to the secret beach which is 15 minute hike where you will find amazing veiw espicially in sunset time. After you enjoy they activities you can take part in BBQ place and grill what you like, Enjoying the beach with music you like. You can also use beach restorants and enjoy there foods and drinks.
Discover the beauty of Muscat with me
Well, first of all, for me as an Omani, the first thing would be welcoming the guest in the Omani way.. By knowing each other we would start the program with a couple of visits to a different places around Muscat.. These places would like The Grand Mosque, Royal Opera house, Old souq (Muttrah) and there is is some other interesting places that we could visit such as the museums, palaces, forts and old castles.. Other things to note The only thing I would like to mention is, When we visit the Grand Mosque all guests must be dressed with a long dresses and well covered.. And for visiting all the other places, guests has the freedom to dress as they want !!
Historical city of Nizwa
We drive towards Nizwa (the former capital city of Oman and home of history). Visiting Nizwa fort, castle and the markets surrounding where you can browse and purchase souvenirs, Omani dates and sweet. Then head to the oasis of birkat al mouz, a village which has falaj al khatmin( one of the irrigation system was added to the UNESCO world heritage site ). After that we drive up 2000 meter high to the jabal al akhdar. Explore the area there with 14 degrees cooler. #Notes: × A minimum of two people are required for this tour. × There is an entrance fee to Nizwa fort of $13 each.
Refresh in Wadi shap and Bimah sink hole
We will meet you in muscat where you stay. Then we will drive through the north coast road with amazing views of different beaches. We will reach to Wadi shab enterance after around 1.5 hrs driving. We will take a boat to cross the river the view is so stunning qt that point. After the boat we will start hiking for 2 km , between the local farms and amazing views of the wadi. Until we reach to the start of the swimming place. We will start swming between pools until we reach the the amazing cave enerance, you will enter the cave swimming and you will end with majecal pools where you will take alot of memories, the veiw and the place cant be forgotten its just amazing After the cave we will back between the farms and take omani coffee with dates Then we will hike back to the boat area and then back to the car Then we will visit the bimah sink hole also you can swimm there Or you can enjoy one of the white sandy beachs which is famous in that area Before sunset we will drive back to muscat taking with us amazing memories which cant be forgotten
Nizwa & Al Hamra Guided Historical Tour
This shared historical and cultural tour gives an insight into Omani life. Visit the impressive Nizwa Fort, haggle a bargain at the local souq and end the day seeing a traditional village. The tour starts with a spectacular drive through the Hajar Mountains via Fanjah for photo stop. Then, you'll arrive into Nizwa City to see the Nizwa Fort — the most attended monument of Oman. Next up is a visit Nizwa souq, the market where you can buy traditional knives, pots and other unique items. Al Hamra with Bait Al Safah museum where we get to experience how the locals create a lifestyle in the older times.
Wahiba Sands & Wadi bani khalid Oasis
Your day will start by picking you up from Muscat at 7:30am from your location. Will head towards Bidyah (2.5hrs drive). As we arrive you will start the day by visiting a typical Bedouin house where you will experience the weaving of the Bedouin's women, camel riding and get through the Bedouin day to day activities. You will witness how the wool from the local sheep made into camel bags, tents, rugs and pillows. Will have than an opportunity to ride camels and have short tour in the sand dunes in Camel. Enjoy 4WD driving between the sand dunes and walk through. By mid day, enjoy a local Omani dishes for lunch. The wahiba sands trip is incomplete without having a swim in Wadi Bani Khalid natural pools. A wonderful oasis that have large pools emerge from the middle of a valley and cross through the beautiful farms and villages. Enjoy hot fresh tea prepared in spot while enjoying your swim. before sunset will start heading back to Muscat Other things to note Guests is recommended to communicate with me through short messages in advance to address any special needs
Wadi Shab Adventure
Begin the day early morning heading outside Muscat. First stop will be the Sink hole (a big hole made by a meteor fell and hit the ground). Then we drive along the white beach until we get to Wadi shab. 45 minutes of hiking between the mountains until we get to the swimming pools where you can swim in blue, clear and fresh water. After relaxing you may have lunch there or we head back to the city for lunch at a local restaurant. Finally we drive back to Muscat or we continue to Sur city for the next day tour. #Note; A minimum of two people are required for this tour.
Historical Nizwa & Birkat Al Mouz Day Trip
• Pick you up from hotel in Muscat at 8 am. We will start our tour with Nizwa Souq (Nizwa traditional market), where we will visit the different markets (Halwa, dates, crafts, silver, gold, animals), passing by different traditional markets testing Omani coffee, dates and sweets during our tour. •Visit Nizwa fort, it’s a large castle in Nizwa built in the seventeenth century. It is Oman's most visited national monument. The fort's design reflects the Omani architectural ingenuity that witnessed considerable advancement in military fortifications and the introduction of mortar-based warfare. (Tickets included in the price) •35 min on Nizwa tourism moving carts, exploring Nizwa with a moving cart that feel you are living in the past. The tour is comfortable as you are driven by an echo, quiet and classic looking cart. (Tickets included in the price) •Lunch at a local restaurant •Visit Birkat Al Mouz “Birkat Al Mouz village” meaning ‘a pool of bananas’ in Arabic. A traditional village untouched by modernization. It’s an historical site, this uninhibited, abandoned village is a good reminder of Oman’s old days. Great place for a photo-op and to explore on foot, this place is full of date’s, banana orchards and mud, brick houses that are mostly falling apart. •Free time to enjoy coffee or tea at a local 200 years old house coffee shop (not included on the price)
Omani BBQ and Horseback Riding on Muscat beach
Join me for a lovely evening in one of the most beautiful beaches in Muscat and create memories that you will not forget. We will go on the beach with horses and will enjoy the sunset and good weather. We will also have a tasty Omani Food and BBQ on the beach after horse back riding. We will meet in front of Al Naseem Park @4:30 PM and I will drive you to the stable. We will go to the beach by horses until sunset. After that will go to Manuma beach and have our BBQ and drinks and will enjoy chatting with sound of sea waves. You can bring a swimming clothes if you would like to swim in the sea at night