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Crna Gora – sve aktivnosti u blizini

Kotor Bay Discovery on Speedboat Tour
The extensive 3-hour Boka bay tour begins at the city park, near the seaport of Kotor. You will enjoy panoramic views of the fishing villages, churches, and many more historical monuments. Our first stop is at an islet in the middle of Boka Bay. It has a name of the church that’s settled on it – Our Lady of the Rocks. There are many legends about this charming island. The most accepted one talks about the discovering of an icon of the Holy Mother of God with Christ by two sailors. After visiting this artificial island, the tour continues through the narrowest part of the bay towards the former submarine bases. You will take a short break there, and then you will pass by the island of Mamula, which keeps many dark stories. The tour highlight is reserved for the Blue Cave as a spot for taking a refreshing dip in the mesmerizing nuances of its blue surrounding. This place, accessible only by boat, is renowned for its crystal-clear azure water. Other things to note - We have brand new speedboats (with bimini tops) of different capacities that can accommodate up to 10, 13, 15, or 25 people. Big travel luggage, pets, and smoking are not allowed on board. There is a large public parking space (which is charged) only 50m away from the starting point if you come by car, camper, or bus.
Kayak adventure on Skadar lake
Drift around water lilies and reeds as you kayak through one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. Spot Skadar Lake’s 270 bird species, including cormorants, gulls, and squacco. Take in the natural beauty at your own pace with one-hour, two-hour, and whole-day booking options. Begin your adventure in Virpazar with a basic safety and route briefing. Paddle through the open lake to a bridge that connects two villages, Virpazar and Vranjina, known as Little Venice. Take a break for fresh fish soup at the local restaurant if you’re feeling peckish before heading to Fort Lesendro. Glide past the bird sanctuary and around the islands of Cakovica and Kamenik. Lounge in the sun at the local beaches and swim in the clear lake waters. Important! It is written that tour lasts 10h, but you can stay less. This is option to rent a kayak for a whole day. There is no guide for this tour. After host give instructions, guest goes alone. In the price is not included entrance ticket to national park 4€ per kayak.
Taste organic mussels and oysters!
Guests will taste traditional high quality organic Boka's dish, prepared in front of them with fresh mussels catched immediately from the farm. Oysters will be served fresh, with touch of lemon juice and pepper. Traditional high quality Montenegrin wine will be offered to guests (1/2 litre per person). Water is A class, very pure and rich in marine species, such as sea stars, crabs, fishes and sometimes guests will be able to see sea turtles and dolphins. Place could be booked by just several persons (max 10) so you will be able to enjoy in extraordinary landscape of the Bay and to swim or snorkelling between farming lines. All technological process of mussel and oyster farming will be presented to guests from the begging.
Sightseeing On The Sea - Exploring Budva With A Local
I am hosting a 2 hours experience on the sea, island and beautiful beaches. During this 2 hours I take you to the most beautiful places in Budva municipality. While travelling to these places via boat you will have chance to enjoy sigtseeing the city of Budva, coastline, nature and old town. We will make a stop on the island which is 20 minutes travelling from Budva and there you will be provided with snorkeling equipment to help you see better the underwater life. You will be able to do some snorkeling or simply relax and have nice swim while we are on the island. Later on we continue to another beach which is located 30 minutes from the island, the beach has a beautiful enviroment and cristaly clear water where you can take a swim again. While travelling I will tell you some historical backround of the place and provide you with some drinks if you are up for it. After the experience you will have a different view on the city of Budva (coming from local), you will be happy that you visited places not so many tourists know about, you will gain knowledge of simple way of snorkeling, going underwater and guranteed good time. Experience is perfect for small group of friends, families, couples and solo travellers. It is also possible to arrange the trip for bigger group of people.
Wine experience at the Skadar lake
On a tour through centuries-old vineyards, I will share with you the knowledge about our finest wines. Visiting our wine cellar, you will get the possibility to explore our family’s culture of grape growing and wine making. You will try couple types of autochthonous montenegrin grape Vranac, and rakija - strong brandy made from grapes. During wine tasting I will explain you the whole process of wine making, from vineyards to the bottle. Also you will see our copper barrel that it is used for destillation montenegrin strong drink - loza. You will feel the atmosphere, the culture and the spirit of the long tradition in the exquisite wine production.
Explore Durmitor with me-hidden car ride tour around park
Join me at best car ride in MONTENEGRO in 100km around park! We will visit Durmitor (Unesco protection list), through the famous panoramic road with called “Ring of Durmitor” through the most beautiful places of this national park: lakes, tops, canyons and the most beautiful villages of this area. We will start from the center of Žabljak and the first stop will be below the top of "Štuoc" (right place for a photos where the city of Zabljak can be seen in the background) We will continue towards one of the most beautiful village in this area “Little Montenegro". This village is the most beautiful because it is surrounded by two large canyons, the canyon of the river Tara and Sušica. After that we will descend to the Sušica canyon where we will visit Sušić lake. Then we will visit the village called “Nedajno” where we will take the first break, where we can drink coffee(panoramic view). After a break, we continue our journey around Durmitor through the beautiful areas of the villages of Trsa and Pišće which are surrounded by Piva Lake which is 42 km long. We will visit places with a phenomenal view of Piva Lake. At the end, we will pass places where you can see the mauntain tops Sedlo and Prutaš, which are the most famous attraction. During the tour we can visit local producers on many places and try best organic products. I offer transportation from Kotor, Tivat and Budva
Premium honey tasting and Bee World in Skadar National park
It is said that bees enjoy a secret life, but there is a fascinating story behind that life that should be made available for all to witness! Join us for a "Bee " journey, as we explore the work of Apiarists (Beekeepers). You will be guided on a 1 to 2 hour tour (depending on the size of the group) encompassing the miraculous work of bees. Bees undertake the extraordinary important job of helping to mature and grow many of the plants we enjoy and providing a food source - honey - that is globally consumed and universally loved. If you're feeling exceptionally brave, you can don a full protective gear and open a bee hive for a closer look into the habitat of bees, the Brood Box (nest). Observe the Queen bee laying eggs, while learning about the unique roles and responsibilities of drone and worker bees. You'll be able to taste the honeycomb (if available) and sweet honey from the source; which has been used for centuries for its naturopathic or medicinal purposes. This tasty, unique and exceptionally enlightening experience in beekeeping is a can't miss opportunity for nature enthusiasts and is appropriate and entertaining for all guests ages 8 and up. If you need a special date and time, please send a special request. I am consistently listed as 1 of the top 3 experience at Skadar lake national park. You will not be disappointed. If you need transfer, i can help you!
Enjoying in exploring the Bay of Kotor by speedboat
We will visit amazing places in Bay of Kotor in 3 hours. This is an itinerary for our boat tour : - Start from the old town Kotor - Cruising to the Blue Cave (1 hour) - Swimming inside the Blue Cave (30 minutes) - Cruising around island Mamula (5 minutes) - Visiting Submarine tunnel (5 minutes) - Cruising to the Perast islands (25 minutes) - Visiting Our Lady of the Rock or Old town Perast (30 minutes) - Cruising back to the old town Kotor (25 minutes) The combination of cruising, swimming and sightseeing make this tour a great choice for you. Welcome !
From Podgorica to the amazing north
After we start by car from Podgorica, our first stop will be at Doclea the most important archaeological site in Montenegro, from Roman period of time. That’s the place where I will give you the glimpse into the Montenegrin history. A local road will lead us towards main road connecting south and north of Montenegro. And it is the place where your adrenalin will easily increase and the beauty of Montenegrin mountain region will take your breath away. With amazing view most of the time during our ride through the canyon of Moraca river, within 45 minutes we will be at 8 century old Moraca monastery, National park of Biogradska gora with its primeval forests, one of the three remaining in Europe, and beautiful Biogradsko lake. It is the perfect place where we can organize a small picnic. On our way we will not miss the chance to touch green and cold water of river Tara which nickname is “the tear of Europe”, to take incredible view from 160 m high Tara bridge on the one of the deepest canyons (1330m) in the world. National park of Durmitor as the crown of our day will show us its beautiful glacial Black lake. We are back in Podgorica in the evening. Other things to note Hi there, it is always recommended to take with you a light jacket, a raincoat or an umbrella for the trips to the north of Montenegro . National park fees ( in total 6 euros) are not included in the price.
SUP-tour in Kotor bay to Oyster farm
Которский залив - это уникальное место! Окунитесь в его красоты вместе с нами на САП-досках. И это еще не всё! По пути Вы услышите много интересных фактов от нашего гида, а прибыв на ферму Вы продегустируете вкуснейшие мидии, устрицы, креветки и рыбу с невероятными видами на Которский залив! Мы приглашаем Вас провести незабываемое время с нами! Уникальный поход на САПах не сравнится ни с чем другим. Управлять САП-доской совсем несложно, специальная физическая подготовка не нужна. Наши опытные инструктора будут сопровождать Вас на протяжении всего похода. Итак, что Вас ждет: - прогулка на САПе от старинной деревушки Ораховац до устрично-мидийной фермы и обратно, - купание в красивейшем заливе Адриатики, - потрясающие виды, - обед на ферме (в стоимость не входит), - множество фотографий на память. Для прогулки на САПе нет возрастных ограничений! Скорей бронируйте поездку с нами и окунитесь в мир невероятных ощущений!
The Safari Tour, Durmitor Ring
We are going on an adventure through National park Durmitor. We will pass through one of the most beautiful roads in Montenegro, and stop for photo breaks on peaks like Prutas and Sedlo, also on Susicko lake. After that, we will visit the village Mala Crna Gora from where we can see part of the canyon of river Tara.
An authentic unique meal & Bread tasting in Montenegro
Have you ever cooked and tried Arabic/Montenegrin food in Montenegro? You’ll be part of our family gathering for a day and join us tasting and experience new kind of cuisine and bread ! After we enjoy our dinner we can have Arabic coffee and tea on our terrace as you are one part of the family !
Full Day Boat Experience In Budva With A Local
We will visit the most beautiful parts of Budva coastline via boat during this experience. Since this will be a longer tour for those of you that decide to take it (more than 4 hours), we will have time to visit four beaches that I consider are must see for anyone coming to visit Budva. Starting the trip from Budva we will continue to Mogren beach which is near to our starting point. There you will see amazing cliffs, caves and we will have a chance to swim at this place. After that we will continue to the famous island of Budva, there I will show you two hidden beaches with cristally clear water where you can enjoy the vast view of the sea while swimming. We will continue the trip to my favorite place where we will make the longest break. The beach is hidden and is not very known to public and tourists, here we will make a break, I will provide you with drinks and if you want we can create some videos and photos with my go pro. I will provide you with equipment and teach you the basics in going underwater. During the trip I will tell you about the history of Budva and its beaches and you are welcome to ask questions. After this experience you will: understand the city of Budva from the local point of view, be happy you visited hidden gems, learn the basics in snorkeling and guranteed good time! The experience is perfect for: small group of friends, couples and families.
Magnificent Boka Bay Tour with Eco-Tuk
You will be picked up in UNESCO protected Kotor, starting your cruise by fully electric Tuk Tuk. As a fully open vehicle, it gives you unique, 360° perspective of Boka Bay, but also gives you chance to feel, hear and even to smell Boka in a whole different way. After a short ride through narrow, coastal road, our first stop will be the center of a small, maritime village Prčanj. You will hear some of the stories Prčanj can offer, including the first Slavic sea captain who sailed around the world. Our journey continues to Verige, where you will find out why was this location so important for Boka Bay. Also, this is a great photo stop, because of the breathtaking scenery. The next point is Tivat, summer residence of Illyrian Queen Teuta. You will have the opportunity to take a break, walk or visit Superyacht Marina Porto Montenegro. After the break, we go back to Kotor, but using completely different route. Going through Kavač, with beautiful view of Tivat part of the Bay, with a final photo stop at Troica. After 2 and half hours of fresh air and just a pinch of history, we reach our destination. If you leave Kotor, feeling love for it, our mission is completed.
Professional Fishing trip in Petrovac, a lifetime experience
You will go on a professional fishing trip with me,starting by boarding the boat that is equipped with all the professional gear (minkotta,lowrance sonar,etc.). We will go far out on the sea on a fishing hotspots and you will exeprience professional fishing from start to the end. I will show you all the tricks from finding the fish to catching it. You will get part of the catch to take home or we can organize a meal in the local restaurant for a small surcharge for preparing the fish. We will end our trip with swimming on the spot only locals know about,a real paradise in the Adriatic sea. This experience is something you will remember for a long time because it includes 3 segments: 1.Going out to the sea and enjoying every moment,from ride with a speedboat to catching some of the local species of fish 2. Swimming in the beautiful nature park 3.Eating fresh fish that you personally caught. It does not matter if you fished before or not,you will be guided every step of the way. Join me on some of most memorable experiences you will get in Montenegro