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Kwale County – sve aktivnosti u blizini

Nyali Afrofusion
We will meet at 10th street club behind citymall Mombasa where we will have few rounds of local beer and shots of gin and also have food from local menu after that we will proceed to club Hypnotica for afrofusion music and club ambience. At Hypnotica i will buy a bottle of whisky and beer as well. Once the experience is over the guests are free to leave to their respective places
Fascinating ride around Mombasa
Hello guys, welcome all to my fun tour around the coastal city of Mombasa. Where we pride ourselves of the rich cultural history of the swahili, beautiful sandy beaches, and impeccable historical sites not forgetting the finger licking cuisines. Come join us, as we explore the hidden gems we pride ourselves in. Welcome one, welcome all!
Enjoying the sweet drinks at the coast of mombasa
We will engage in making the best cocktails in town ,tasting and giving back feed back on sincere opinion . We will visit most of the best mixer in town from Diani to kilifi to malindi to watamu ,we will surely enjoy our good times making new memories and learning from the best . We also get to share different ideas opening room for equal suggestion and opinion. We will also make different coctails by leading as an example to my guest and comparing the quality and encouraging one another on how to improve or get the best result
Come enjoy the yummy Mombasa Swahili Cuisine Tour
Been a resident of Mombasa town for more than 15 years and an experienced chef, come I take you on a tour around our coastal best foods. .We will start with natural soft drinks made from fresh fruits at our meeting point at Nyali mall at 5PM .We will then head to oldtown and enjoy the best tandoori chicken and fish, coconut prawn curry, biriani and butter naan. The food is just delicious. Full of flavour,one couldn't stop eating. We will go around the oldtown enjoying our one of the oldest city as we try different snacks from our best vendors.
Lets ride to Bora bora Park
Will pick you at area of residence ,the bike adventure is approximately 20km,Bora Bora Wildlife Park is the largest animal sanctuary and Eco-camp in Diani area. Bora Bora Wildlife Park & Luxury Tented Camp is in the same ecosystem as Kaya Sacred forest where Mijikenda people go to make ritual ceremonies and prayers either during prolonged drought or if there are cases of rising deaths as a result of drowning in the ocean. The forest is highly protected as it has trees that serve as medicinal plants, and is home to endangered Angolan colobus monkeys, yellow baboons and Sykes monkeys. The Nature trail in Bora Bora gives one a feeling of the value for forest conservation and is one of the main reasons as to why the Park was founded. Kaya forest used to extend all the way to Ukunda airstrip before human encroachment. The Park was established to conserve and protect the local coastal forest and promote conservation education among the local community as well as promote healthy human- wildlife coexistence and eco-tourism in south coast. The park has indigenous trees like baobab and tamarind that provide a cool serene environment,animals to find girraffes,zebras
Let us ride kaya kinondo Forest
We will meet up at area of residence,brief you about our 15km mountain bike adventure to kinondo sacred forest A small, but one of the last remaining patches of primary Coast Rainforest on the Kenyan Coast.The forest around the Kayas have been nurtured by the Mijikenda community to protect the sacred graves and groves and are now almost the only remains of the once extensive coastal lowland forest. Once at the Kaya Kinondo, a guide takes you through the do’s and don’ts applicable whilst inside the Kaya before setting you on the path of nature within, as mentioned earlier, Kayas are traditional places of worship and as such are accorded the same respect you accord mosque and church. As you start your tour into the Kaya one has to remove their headwear and wrap a black shawl (kaniki) around their waist as it was the tradition back the,where you will learn about our local culture,the traditional dancers group is comprised of young mothers,old with mixed gender. You will learn and get entertained in different mijikenda traditional dancing styles and patterns. Types of dances like wedding,prayer dances,guest welcoming dances,you will learn how to make mijikenda traditional dancing costumes and get dressed both men and women. There will be a local market if you wish to buy some souvenir,you are highly welcome to promote the locals.
Full day Wasini tour
The Wasini tour includes a boat tour of Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park which is known to be one of the most rewarding snorkeling locations along the Kenyan coast. The marine park was established to protect the scenic islands and the habitats of various marine animals and breeding migratory birds. Here you will get to see dolphins as well. This is followed by a tour of Wasini island. The full day tour begins early in the morning where you will be picked from your accommodation then head to Kisite located approximately 55km south of Diani for the tour of the marine park accompanied by an experienced guide. Here, you will see and learn about various marine life like the dolphins & then go snorkeling. This will be followed by a visit to Wasini island for lunch followed by a guided tour where you will learn about local life on the island. You will then take the boat back to the mainland upon conclusion of the tour for transfer back to your accommodation.
Beach bonfire and star gazing
Join me for a beach bonfire experience in Diani Beach. 1. We will meet at the starting point at 7pm where you will find a bonfire set up waiting for you. 2. As the sun goes down we will light up a bonfire and have a night at the beach, listening to some music and the sound of the ocean waves as we watch the moon and stars on the clear Diani skies till 11pm.
Kayaking at diani beach
Join me on one of the most beautiful kayaking sport in south coast beaches and create memories you cannot forget.will meet a kongo beach,where river Mwachema connects with the indian ocean best known as kongo river ,at its tributary. We will go for a mangroove excursion by kayaks preferable 2hrs before sunset,this is the best sport for enjoying the sun as it sets.we will have a walk by the river banks,birds citing and a little local history of the surroundings areas. After that we will ride back to the sport centre,this excursion is easy and fun for beginners.when we return well end our time together with taking pictures, taste of local foods and special sea food
Diani glass bottom boat tour and snorkelling
The tour begins with a glass bottom boat ride towards a sandbar located on the Indian Ocean and close to Diani beach. You will get to see various species of tropical fish and the coral reef on your way to the sandbar. From the sandbar, you will have a panoramic view of Diani beach and the Indian Ocean as well. You will also be able to snorkel for a closer look of the aquatic life. (Transport to and from your accommodation is included)
Sunset canoe ride at Kongo River
We will meet at the starting point at 5pm and do a short tour of the famous Estuary and the Mosque At around 5.30pm we will get on a canoe and start our sunset sail. Get ready to experience the most serene, relaxing , scenic sunset ride of your life! The captain is an experienced guide who will take you through the mangroves explaining the history of the place, unique features , birds and other small marine life you may spot. Once the sun has set, we will make our way back to the beach where the trip comes to an end. For bird lovers and bird watchers, you will love this trip. I'd recommend combining this trip with a beach bonfire hangout. There's an italian restaurant near by where you can plan to have your dinner We are flexible with dates so please send us a message to book your preferred dates PLEASE TEXT ME BEFORE BOOKING THIS TRIP This trip can be enjoyed with my other offers such as trips to Wasini Island to spot and snorkel $85 Swimming and cliff diving at the African Pool $35 Snorkeling at Robinson's Island $35 Mombasa old town, Fort Jesus & street food tour $95 Sunset picnics at Shimba Hills $35 Giraffe feeding $35 Bush baby feeding $20 Full moon beach bonfire $20 (with option to camp) Funzi Island day trip $95 Beach yoga $20 Sunset SUP boarding $35 Prepare a local meal $70 Sunset sip and paint $35 A game drive & hike to Sheldrick falls $35
Water park
Welcome to the city of Mombasa. We will be meeting at Mombasa CBD ,then head to near restaurant for a good breakfast meal made by the local residents.Our guest will be ushered in and get to socialize with us before the experience
Discover the Hidden Gems of Diani-Tiwi Beach, Kenya
Tiwi Beach is the Northern section of Diani Beach which is rarely explored due to the Dividing River Kongo. Not the Congo river of DRC but a smaller similarly named river in the Kenyan coast. Being a local, born and raised in this area, I have grown knowing and appreciating all its hidden gems. I will be offering a visit to two of these hidden natural gems with a tour of a naturally formed pool shaped as the African Continent which only appears during low tide. having grown in this area, I have mastered the tides timetable making it an experience that only locals can provide. the pool also sits on the entrance to a small cave with an overhead opening which is simply magical. After a swim in the natural pool, and a lit photo session, I will then offer a boat ride upstream which will include sightings of local birds, mangrove and neighboring villages. Fun fact: locals in my area do not set up security fences, it is believed that denying passers by right of way bring bad luck. The boat ride is timed at sunset which reflects a pale tint of orange on the rivers surface making it a whole magical experience in itself. the green vegetation of mangrove, baobab and coconut trees blurs in the sunset's light at the horizon making it a real life masterpiece.
Tiwi African pool experience
We will meet at the starting point and cross Kongo River. The trip takes place during low tide so crossing the river is as easy as crossing a small gentle stream. We will take an easy , slow , scenic 10minutes motor bike ride through beautiful Tiwi, you get to have a feel of how the local community lives in this area, during the ride. Everyone gets their own personal motorbike with a well trained rider to make it more comfortable and fun. We will then take a 10min BEACH walk to the African pool from where the motorbike leaves us. On the walk we will pass through significant caves and cliffs, with different shapes and forms carved by the ocean waves continously slapping on them during high tide. You will notice lots of smaller pools that are home to tiny colouful fish and exotic sea life such as sea spiders, the red crab, sea urchins and sea cucumber. Almost feels like a natural aquarium. At the African pool we will swim and soak in the sun for about an hour before heading back to the starting point If you are daring enough you could climb up the nearby cliffs and dive into the pool. The pool is only accessible during low tide so please reach out to get the correct timings for your dates before booking Beach shoes are necessary for this trip. I am flexible with dates so please reach out for enquiries
Discovering Real African Lifestyles
I offer you a real journey to the street of Ukunda the city close to Diani Beach. Urban planning seems an anarchic but the inhabitant maintain a relative order of the place. I will introduce you to the essence of what makes the atmosphere of an Africa city. We will walk through the alleys without sidewalks and observe this huge human anthill.We will taste the delicacies of Africa. We will see the amazing nature of the Africans and how it is maintained, We will also meet different people and know how easy some of the things can be made from nothing to someting. Other things to note It will be atwo hours trip with an amazing experince. One can book for evening tour as from 4pm to 6pm in the evening any day.
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