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Kent – sve aktivnosti u blizini

Groom and walk miniature ponies near London
Star the pony and I will meet you at our meeting point where we will carry out introductions and cover safety tips, before we head off for the walk. We will walk up the lane and through the fields, going at the ponies pace and allowing them to browse on the plants in the hedgerows. We’ll also collect cuttings and weeds to take back with us for their pony friends (in season only). You will learn about wild plants and trees and how they benefit the ponies diet, plus more about pony care and behaviour. We will finish the walk back at the pony field where you will brush their coats and manes and tails, while the ponies tuck into their lunch. You will be able to really get to know the ponies as individuals and see their different characters and personalities. With a calm and gentle approach, it won’t take long before they are queuing up for a scratch from you. Other things to note This is a leisurely walk that is perfect for animal lovers. If you cannot see a date or time that suits you, please contact me to request another date. All children must be accompanied by an adult. No open toed shoes or sandals. The ponies cannot be ridden, this is for walking and grooming only. We are easy to reach via train from London Bridge to Knockholt station, then 5min uber.
Forest Bathing / Shinrin-Yoku
Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation, proven to be a profound antidote to anxiety, depression, fear and tension. You will be taken upon a simple forest walk, whereupon your guide, Helena, will facilitate and enable a sensual immersive experience, whereby the forest languages of renewal, growth, change and impermanence will become your experiential second nature. You will develop a sense of inner peace and stillness that will be supported and encouraged by nature's living, ever-changing process. Absolutely no experience necessary. The requirements are a willingness to let go of your troubles, fears, worries and anxieties. Other things to note Wear warmer clothes than usual as we will spend time being still in the woods and in the shade of the forest canopy. You may also wish to bring something to sit on during sit spot practice. Great for groups and team building too.
Sunrise Beach Cacao Ceremony
Join us in ritual to immerse yourself in a sacred space with this nutritious plant medicine. The ritual will take place on the sandy shoreline near Margate around a ceremonial fire. In our time together we will sit in a circle, take a ceremonial dose of cacao & set intention for the ceremony. Cacao, the seed/nut of a fruit of an Amazonian tree, is the highest antioxidant food on the PLANET. Cacao contains essential minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E , flavonoids with anti-oxidant properties and neurotransmitters that have everything to do with feeling 'loved up' and 'blissed out' The space will be held for you to relish in sacred time for yourself and your soul. Inviting in deep relaxation, visioning, sparking of creativity, releasing, finding clarity…whatever it is you need and call in. We then guide you on a journey using ; breathwork, embodied movement, chakra healing & meditation. What you can experience during a cacao ceremony: A heart-opening journey of oneness, love, and bliss Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, following your heart Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power, and truth A shamanic or spiritual journey A space to enter into meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body Enhanced creativity
Milkwood Botanical Candle Workshop
I will introduce you to a carefully selected range of essential oils and then guide you through the process of using the essential oils to create your own bespoke scent blend for your candle. We will explore the benefits of using natural ingredients and how scent stimulates the olfactory system evoking old memories and helping to create new ones. Then you will learn how to combine your oil blend with natural wax before hand pouring your own candle to take home. The 90 minute duration time is a guideline as with only one or two guests it might be slightly shorter running time as the teaching is more 1:1. The timing can also vary due to how long guests take experimenting with oils during the blending - I encourage a lot of experimenting and trying out the more unusual oils with old favourites. It is worth noting your candle will need to set for an hour before you can take it away (if you want a smooth top!) it is fine to pop back when convenient, they will be carefully labelled! If you would like more info about Milkwood please check out our website and instagram @milkwood_margate We like our workshops to be welcoming and inclusive so if you have any requests, sensory preferences or need more detailed information just send me a message in advance - i'll be happy to accommodate. Please also note the workshops take place in a queer friendly space.
Anime & Manga Drawing workshop
Anime & Manga Drawing workshop. Lana explains the major rules of drawing a Manga character. Introduces materials for colouring. Age 10+ (choose Adult while booking) Maximum group size 8 people. Individual approach to each participant.
Walk a micro pig
You'll be greeted personally by a member of the Huckleberry Woods team who will take you to meet the pigs and help you choose the perfect pig for you to walk and may recommend a particular pig. There'll be an introduction on how to walk your piggy to maximise enjoyment for both you and the piggy and then off you go. Please note, the pigs are now 4 years old, past the tiny piglet stage. They're about the size of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Your walk will be accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable piggy handler and enthusiast who will be delighted to share all sorts of piggy facts and stories with you. You'll have plenty of opportunity to stroke the piggies, take photos and ask questions during your walk. You can stop to greet the miniature donkeys, Teddy Bear sheep, alpacas, ducks, turkeys and chickens as you go. The pigs go at their own pace, they may amble about slowly or be feeling a bit more energetic - it all depends on the piggy on the day and how much fruit there is on the ground for them to graze. At the end of the walk we head back to the piggy's house for a well earned rest and a hand wash. Length of walk is around 20 minutes before the pigs head home. Please note piggy walks are for one person (aged 4 years and above) only - it's not possible to share a piggy. You're welcome to stay and see the other miniature animals after your experience
Make three stacking rings class
This is a wonderful class and fun experience to enjoy with friends, family or as a couple while learning something different and creative. A great thing to do on your holidays in Margate! We will be making a set of 3 stackable sterling silver rings. You will learn and practice the basics of jewellery making like soldering (Using a torch), sawing, filling and polishing, but also Choosing from different shapes and textures on the rings. After the class you can just walk to the sea front and enjoy the seaview and be proud of your day achievement. Enjoy 10% discount if you book for 3 to 4 people (Guest) And 20% discount If you book 5 to 6 people!
The Hidden City of Canterbury
The Tour is based on the History of the City, and its architecture it also covers several aspects of English Language, and the origins of phrases we take for granted. The duration is around 2 hours, and it's a gentle walking pace around the city. Canterbury's history stretched back over the millennia, from pre-Roman settlement to the present day city bustling with visitors, students, and locals alike. The footsteps of Pilgrims, and parsons, are etched into its fabric and the tour takes you in their footsteps. The tour is fully accessible for anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues, which given my work with the elderly I feel it's important to be inclusive. You will not find this tour in any guide book. All content is exclusive to this tour. Please note under 14 Year-olds will be admitted 'free of charge', but must be accompanied by a full paying adult, unaccompanied children will not be admitted. Re Parking and transport questions please use the online messenger and I can help with where to park, walking directions, bus routes and or rail routes. I am only a message away and ready to help answer any questions you may have. The Meeting Point is right by the Canterbury Christchurch Gate, signposted from all over the city, no more than 10 minutes walk from all the car parks and the city stations. Other things to note As it's a walking tour, on city streets, just be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and be sure to dress for the English Climate, i.e. on a sunny day bring an umbrella, just in case.
Canterbury Ghost Tour
We meet outside a city Wine Bar in the historic heart of the City of Canterbury, located on top of the remains of the Roman Watling street, still accessible in the cellar of Alberrys. We then take you for a gentle stroll discovering the History of the buildings, and thus the possible reasons that ghosts and witches have been seen in the city over the past 1000 or so years. We visit the accommodation of Matthew Hopkins, witchfinder who came to the city in 1643 to rid the city of our unwelcome guests. We learn about the previous residents of Tiny Tim's Tea rooms, and hear of sad stories of those that perished during the English Civil War and before, in a building that dates back to 1308. Then on to St Margaret's Church to hear about the fate of Vandals in the 1970's who found the curse of the tombs. Around the corner we discover what happened to a Woman being beaten by her spouse, and how she got her revenge on him, and the demise of her child some years later. His faint footsteps are heard to this day on the stairwell. We discover the Roman Fish Market with its links to Oyster from Whitstable, then on to Mercery Lane, to see the Devils in the Detail, and the Plague Markers. No night time visit would be complete without a visit to the Gates of the cathedral and hear what security staff come across on a nightly basis, and recreate the Death of Saint Thomas of Canterbury & more.
Mini donkey walk in an ancient orchard
You'll be greeted personally by us and we'll take you over to meet the donkeys and introduce you to them and their individual personalities. There'll be an introduction on how to walk your donkey to maximise enjoyment for both you and the donkey and then off you go. Your walk will be accompanied by me and I'll be delighted to share mini donkey facts and stories with you. You'll have plenty of opportunity to stroke the donkeys, take photos and ask questions during your walk. You can stop to greet the miniature pigs, Teddy Bear lambs, alpacas, ducks and chickens as you go and you'll usually encounter several wild brer rabbits along the way. At the end of the walk we head back to the stable for a ginger nut biscuit (for the donkeys!), a well earned rest and a hand wash. Length of walk is around 30 minutes depending on the speed of the donkeys on the day. You're welcome to look around and see the other miniature animals while you're here. You have to be 9 years old or older to walk the donkeys. (Younger children aren't able to accompany the donkeys on their walk.) Other things to note Wear sensible shoes and be steady on your feet to take part in this experience. Children under 9 will not be able to accompany the walk I'm afraid. They can spend time in the little play area while you're walking the donkeys. Great experience for couples.
Learn how to throw axes in Margate
After a warm welcome to our throwing cages we'll jump right into a safety briefing. This covers how to stay safe, scoring and competition rules (we can't have any cheating at crunch time can we?). Then it is to the reason you guys are all here, the AXES. We'll run through the basic technique, how to hold and how to throw the axe. Once we're through this, it is down to you to have a go! I'll be on hand throughout the session, watching your throw, offering advice on how you can improve. What is really important to me is that you start to understand your own technique so when you finally leave, you're a fully fledged axe ninja! Once the basics are out of the way it's quickly onto a wide selection of new throws, double-handed, throwing with the axe head facing backwards, throwing 2 axes at once. These will all help you to develop a strong technique in time for our rapid fire round and then ..the team COMPETITON! Pit your skills against the others in your group, competition mode always brings out some strong axe game! Finally, If we have any time left over at the end I'll show you a trick shot or two that only the pro's get to use Other things to note We are unable to accept bookings from those under 16 years of age or pregnant. Guests will not be permitted to partake in the activity if they are intoxicated and please wear sensible shoes, no sandals!
Whitstable to Margate Bike Tour
No ordinary tour! A guided bike ride from Whitstable to Margate. Taking several stunning bays and seaside towns, coastal nature reserves, a lunch stop at a Victorian seaside resort culminating in a tour of Margate’s Old Town. Along the way, there will be frequent stops where I will share stories about the history, culture, and landscape, including little known local secrets! 10am - Meet at Whitstable Harbour where you will be introduced to your fellow adventurers, followed by a brief introduction to the town before heading off along the traffic-free coastal path. Early Afternoon - Lunch in a Victorian seaside resort Late Afternoon, around 4pm - A little tour of Margate, then explore on your own and catch the train back to Margate in your own time. Trains run from Whitstable to Margate every half hour, from £7.90. There are plenty of toilet breaks along the way.
Terrarium Design School in Margate
Learn to design, plant and sustain your own garden-in-a-jar. What’s It All About? You will be guided through the different steps so you can head home with your very own self-sustaining, verdant wonderland. Give the gift of green or keep your terrarium to yourself... they make the perfect roommate and add personality to any hot desk. What’s Included? We will cover everything from construction to caring for your masterpiece. As well as being given all the materials and plants you need to create your own terrarium, you’ll learn how to make the tools to work with difficult bottle shapes and how to choose plants which thrive in their own biosphere. Location & Times Classes take place in Margate. Other things to note Bring an apron along if you are concerned about getting clothes mucky.
Walk & cuddles with Custard, Mustard, Carrot and Parsnip
Children 8 years or 1.2m high We'll meet at our beautiful farm in the Kent countryside. I'll introduce you to Custard, Mustard, Carrot and Parsnip our fabulous Golden Guernsey and Swiss Saanan goats. All goats will start off on the lead until we get into the valley where they like to be let off and follow along side us. We'll walk through our beautiful wild valley taking in the views and the wild flowers. You may see various birds including yellow hammers, skylarks and buzzards. The walk is leisurely as the goats will have lots of stops for nibbles along the way. The goats are super friendly so love strokes and cuddles. This gives you a real opportunity to get up close and see their fun cheeky characters. Upon return to their field you will feed them a variety of nibbles and if you like you can give them a brush too which they love. The terrain isn't suitable for wheelchairs but mobility scooters will do fine. If someone is in a wheel chair we can adapt to a smaller walk and more time in the field with them as long as you don't mind them climbing on you or Custard and Carrot nibbling your hair! From Autumn 2022 we've introduced a min age due to a couple of the goats seeing little ones as baby goats and getting a bit boisterous. This of course does not include babes in arms. Why not stay with us too, see wildwoodlandretreat See video on YT Clavertye Goats
'Introduction to Sourdough Bread Making' Workshop
Welcome to Just Sourdough! As the name suggests, this is all we will be making during this full day workshop; organic sourdough bread, baked the way it has been for thousands of years. Simply flour, water, wild yeast, a pinch of salt, and nothing else. The course begins with a demonstration of how to maintain the starter (the wild yeast). This forms the basis for sourdough, and once made can be looked after at home, possibly for many years to come. Some starters have been around for decades and passed down from one generation to the next! Next we move on to the bake: using the starter to create your dough; mastering the correct techniques to improve gluten development; different shaping methods; transferring the dough to the banneton; proofing; scoring and finally baking. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, will last for about 4 and a half to 5 hours, running from 10 am to 2:30-3pm allowing parents to do school drop off and pick up and includes lunch and refreshments. PS: Please contact me if you would like to book a private workshop on a convenient date for you!
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