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Zakonski uvjeti i propisi koji vrijede za domaćine i smještaje u kontinentalnom dijelu Kine

Due to differences in laws and regulations among cities and provinces in mainland China, hosts in mainland China must comply with local regulations and register or upload relevant documents and information to ensure the normal operations of their listings.

Please review the applicable local laws and regulations based on the listing location:


The Notice on the Standardized Management of Short-Term Rental Housing issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission on Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Public Security Bureau, and two other departments has been effective since February 1, 2021. The notice requires that short-term rental housing outside the capital's metropolitan area shall comply with the community management regulations and obtain the rental housing owner's written consent. Furthermore, the listing shall meet safety conditions, the short-term rental housing operator and the relevant local police station shall sign a public security responsibility guarantee letter, and the community property management or neighborhood committee shall be notified thereof in writing. The operator shall also verify the guests' identity information in person before check-in and declare the registration information immediately.

Jiangsu Province

The Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Regulations on Online Housing Booking (Trial) issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department have been effective since April 1, 2021. It stipulates that online housing booking operations shall meet the relevant public security and safety conditions. Operators shall register their identity and listing information with the public security authorities through the Unified Online Housing Booking Security Management Service Information System of the province before publishing their listing information online, and the public security authorities shall issue a registration mark to the registered operators. When an operator applies to make their listing available on the platform, they shall submit the corresponding registration mark and related listing materials.

Shaanxi Province

The Xi'an Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a Letter to Encourage Temporary Accommodation Operators to Apply for a Business License, requiring listing hosts in Xi'an to register as a market entity before November 30, 2018.

Xi'an Listing Registration Details


The recently amended Provisions of Shanghai Municipality on Services to and Management of Shanghai Inhabitants issued by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government have been effective since April 1, 2021. The provisions specify that accommodation service providers such as hotels, guesthouses, inns, overnight bathing facilities (rooms), and apartment hotels shall implement a guest registration and management system in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Other accommodation service providers shall register the guests' names and identity document types and numbers on the "Integrated Online Platform" upon check-in.

Zhejiang Province

The Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department issued the Measures for the Information Registration of Online Residential Housing Bookings (Trial) (hereinafter the "Measures") on November 26, 2018. The Measures and their related technical specifications have been officially implemented since January 1, 2019. Pursuant to the Measures, all listings located in Zhejiang Province, as well as hosts and guests of such listings shall complete the registration process, including online listing and host information verification and registration on Airbnb. Furthermore, upon check-in, the host or the guests themselves shall complete the registration process using the registration tool developed by Airbnb.

Zhejiang Listing Registration Details

Henan Province

On August 25, 2020, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the Measures for the Management of Online Housing Bookings by the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (Trial), which took effect immediately. These measures require online housing booking operators to submit online housing booking information and operator information to the local police station, as well as supervise the identity verification of guests.

Shandong Province

On October 20, 2020, the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department issued the Measures for the Information Registration of Online Housing Bookings in Shandong Province (Trial), which has been effective since November 21, 2020. The measures require operators to verify and register the identity information of guests and submit the same to the public security authorities.

For more information on uploading your identity documents, please navigate to the Listings page on your Airbnb app and tap Submit ID Documents to view the specific upload requirements.

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