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    Osnovne informacije o Airbnbu

    Westminster, Kalifornija

    It's important for you to understand your local laws if you want to become an Airbnb host. We provide a platform and marketplace, but we don't provide legal advice. Even so, we want to share some info to help you understand laws and other rules that relate to long-term rentals in Westminster, CA. The information in this article isn't exhaustive, but it should help you start your research on local laws.

    Long-term rentals

    To learn how to share your home for 30 or more consecutive days, see how you can set both the maximum and minimum number of nights a guest can book. Additionally, please be aware that in California, residential tenancy may be created after 30 consecutive days of occupancy. Local laws may differ from state laws regarding residential tenancies. We encourage you to review your local rules and regulations before accepting a long-term reservation. Find out more about long-term reservations.

    Other contracts and rules

    As a host, you need to understand and abide by other contracts or rules that bind you, including leases, co-op rules, HOA rules, or other rules established by tenant organizations. You should be able to find out more by contacting your housing authority (such as a community council) or landlord. Your lease (or other contract) might also have specific details.

    Our commitment to your community

    We are committed to working with local officials to clarify how local rules impact the short-term rental community. We will continue to advocate for changes that will enable people to rent out their homes.

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