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    Mogu li i dalje upravljati podacima u svom oglasu nakon uvrštenja u kategoriju Airbnb Plus?

    Yes. When your listing upgrades to Airbnb Plus, you’ll still be able to control most things about the listing.


    There will be no changes to your booking calendar. The Airbnb Plus program does not require you to turn on Instant Book.


    When a listing is invited to and successfully upgrades to Airbnb Plus, we take new photos of the space. That way, all Airbnb Plus listings have the same unique photography style, beautifully showcasing your place and helping it stand out from listings that aren’t in the program. While all listings in the Airbnb Plus program are required to use the professional photos taken by an Airbnb partner, you’ll be able to work with the photographer to capture the shots that you most want. 

    To help guests know what makes each room special, you can call out important details, or highlights, in each photo such as an amenity or feature. Keep in mind you can also add accessibility features like a step-free floor or a grab rail in the bathroom. Finally, you can choose to edit the photo options at any time, including your cover photo. Learn more.

    Listing description

    We’ve created editorial standards for Airbnb Plus listings with specific requirements for style, structure, and quality designed to showcase the best features of your place and help guests imagine themselves in the space. To ensure that all Airbnb Plus listings meet our editorial standards, we partner with professional writers who craft polished descriptions for each listing. You’ll be able to review the listing description before your listing is published. Learn more.


    There will be no changes to the control you have over your listing price. Although Airbnb may suggest a price point for your listing, the final price will remain your decision.

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