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    Ako sam administrator putovanja koji se koristi Airbnbom za poslovne korisnike, što moram učiniti ako domaćin otkaže rezervaciju?

    If a host cancels a traveler’s reservation, the traveler will receive an email with an explanation for the cancellation and details of any applicable refund. The traveler can rebook themselves, or the travel admin can rebook for them.

    To review or rebook canceled reservations as an admin:

    1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard
    2. Select Trips in the navigation bar
    3. If a trip has been canceled, it will be displayed in the Needs attention tab
    4. Click on the traveler’s name and the traveler’s itinerary will open in a new window
    5. Click rebook now for the traveler

    The rebook now link will populate a search for homes that meet the dates, total guests, and location criteria for the booking.

    The admin can get details about the cancellation, message the affected traveler, or contact Airbnb community support right from the traveler’s itinerary.

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