Discover new “Namba”

As the world is changing, Namba is also about to change -- adding new flavor to the traditions and culture of Osaka. Come and discover new Namba and its charm the city has to offer to Japan and the world.

New Tourism
– Namba, Osaka –

Namba is a city of diversity and change. The driving force is always its people, who capture the new trend of the society.
In preparation for the 2025 Osaka and Kansai Expo, Airbnb and The Osaka Confederation of Shopping Arcade Councils are partnering to introduce the new aspect of Namba through interviews with the locals at the center of the change.

Travel to Namba, Osaka

南海電車 駅から徒歩3分。難波まで電車で10分。空港まで電車1本 完全個室
Cijena:$30  po noćenju
Orange 2 - #Central #Rainbow House
Cijena:$26  po noćenju
★#613★ Nanba 3min/Direct KIX/5 min walk, Free wifi
Cijena:$23  po noćenju

In partnership with Osaka Shopping Streets Association

The Osaka Shopping Streets Association was founded in 1941 to promote the commercial economy of Osaka City and stabilize citizens' consumption. It has developed into one of the nation's leading business association organizations for the development of shopping districts and the improvement of the status of merchants. The Osaka Shopping Streets Association aims to create a city and a region that is united with consumers.