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Bilbao pintxos, food & history tour with a local
We will go from 5 to 6 bars to ensure that you have tried everything Bilbao has to offer. We will walk around the city from bar to bar, discovering the basque cuisine, local pintxos and the most popular drinks as well. Even if you see 0 guest coming there might be people joining us from other platforms, don't be shy to ask about the tour or about different schedules. You will get to know the history of Basque language and the Basque people, differences between Spain and Basque Country and the past and present of Bilbao. I am very passionate about History and basque traditions, don't be afraid of making too many questions. I will adapt the route depending on if you are more eager to walk and see places or want to try more local foods. The bars and places we will see on this route are not the main touristy ones, I will bring you to special places for a different reason each. If you are a private group, a company or a team, this is definitely the experience for you, send me a message and I will arrange something that suits you. I had been a host for up to 30 people in the past for some team-building activities. Other things to note You will have eaten enough food at the end of the experience, so you don't need to think about dinner. Let me know if you have any food restrictions or want to focus on a specific kind of food or drink.
⭐The High End Bilbao Food Tour
Hola, If you are a foodie and want to discover why Bilbao has become the gastronomical reference of Northern Spain you must join me. I have the highest quality food & drinks route you could possibly imagine. You will taste the best selection of pintxos (8 Basque tapas) all paired with a lovely variety of local drinks. I passed the WSET3 wine exams (Prof. sommelier qualification) with distinction so you are in good hands! I´m a food passionate, trained chef and my hobby is to keep discovering the gastronomical gems of my city. I will share all of this with you and I´ll explain to you the roots of each dish and drink you try, its ingredients and how you could recreate it at home. You will learn a lot of interesting stories about Basque Country and I will show you the "essential local rules" to order the best food when you are on your own. You will experience it like Basque people hopping from bar to bar pairing local food with drinks. Other things to note If are a SOLO traveller and no one else is booked yet send me a DM first please Do this tour on your first day for recommendations about the area Please feel free to request dates and times not post
Coastal hike to San Juan Gaztelugatxe
San Juan of Gaztelugatxe is probably one of the most beautiful places along the Basque Coast. Since Games of Thrones was shot here, it has become a must see for every visitor. Would you join me on a nice walk along the Basque coast to discover this magic spot? This area is full of beautiful landscapes, great culture, superb gastronomy and breath-taking history. This popular spot is much more than film set and I want to introduce its great natural richness and contribute to the conservation of the place. Discover the most popular spot around Bilbao on a different way!
Taste delicious Vegan Pintxos in Bilbao
This experience is designed to show you the local lifestyle: the “Pintxo-pote”, which is basically hopping from one bar to the next one while drinking little glasses of alcoholic beverages and eating little snacks called “Pintxos”. I would like to introduce you this old tradition with a particularity: we will taste just VEGAN products. I know it from my own experience with my guests: it’s sometimes difficult to guess if the different “Pintxos” on the counters of bars and restaurants are vegan or vegetarian. English level here is not very good, so many visitors prefer not to risk and eat products and courses they already know from their country and they miss one of the main highlights here in the Basque Country: its gastronomy. Traditional cuisine has been largely vegan for many centuries. Unfortunately, there was a time when finding pintxos that are vegetarian was a mission impossible, even the vegetable sandwich had ham or tuna! Luckily this has changed and with the great work of many cooks today you can taste pintxos 100% vegetables, with the authentic taste of our gastronomy. I am very proud of this route I have designed. Not only will you discover the traditional and modern techniques that are becoming trendy on the vegan scene in Bilbao, but you will also be able to discover places and projects in Bilbao, which many visitors do not enjoy. Other things to note IMPORTANT: Some of the places are 100% Vegan, but others not. Please if you are very strict with that, please let me know.
Curso de surf para todas las edades y niveles
Clases de surf todos los días del año para todas las edades y niveles. Las clases duran 2 horas y esta todo incluido. Constan de una parte teórica y otra practica dentro del agua. Desde el primer día entrarás al agua y siempre de la mano de un instructor titulado que estará contigo a tu lado durante toda la clase. Trataremos desde el primer día que tengas una buena técnica en tu remada, puesta en pie y a que entiendas todo lo relacionado con las corrientes, mareas, etc. para que puedas surfear con seguridad. Dependemos siempre de la mar, así que recomendamos llamar antes al 609482823 o escribir a para confirmar disponibilidad.
De pintxos por Bilbao
I will take you to a 3 hours pintxo experience. Trying new foods is a huge part of visiting new places, but it is always difficult to find the best places to try authentic dishes. You could wander around randomly choosing places to eat, you could spend hours reading reviews online, or you could just join us for our food tour. If you choose the latter option, I will take you to some of our favorite places and will guide you as you try a variety of tasty and authentic Basque Food. As we make our way through the bustling streets of the Downtown and the Old Town, we will stop to sample a variety of Bilbao’s favorite foods, its specialties, and more. You’ll have a chance to sample 14-15 different food and drinks, ending with a delectable dessert. This is definitely not a tour to start on a full stomach! It can easily substitute for a meal. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our favorite Basque dishes! Other things to note Please let us know about dietary restrictions. Experience adapted to vegetarians.
Pintxos Workshop
- An Interactive Culinary Experience- In this workshop I want you to travel with me from the traditional Basque dishes to the modernist techniques of molecular cuisine. We will learn how to make 4 traditional pintxos, upgrading them to get surprising outcomes. We will explore with the preparation of these 4 pintxos: - Modernist Gilda. - Slow cooked Cod with pil pil sauce. - Smoked steak tar-tar toast. - Gatzatua with honey and dried fruits. - A Perfect Atmosphere to Meet New Friends- You are welcome to taste the local wine and cheese as you and other participants attend the workshop. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere and meet new friends.
Boutique Rioja Wineries & Picnic Lunch
Get ready to visit the most beautiful and with higher reputation wine region of Spain, La Rioja. We will drive around 1.15 hours each way to get to this magical wine valley. Whether you have visited many wineries or none at all this is the tour to learn everything about the Rioja wine region. You will visit 2 different boutique wineries tasting only their finest wines and in of them you will enjoy a wonderful light picnic-style lunch with stunning views. In case the weather doesn't allow it, we will have a sheltered alternative. Be certain that at the end of the tour you would have tried all type of Rioja styles rated 90+ Parker points. We will see underground cellars with hundreds of years of history, wineries with shocking architecture, a dolmen with 5,000 years of history and Laguardia a medieval village awarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and it truly is! Apart from the wine tastings, we will head to the best spots to take some pictures of stunning winery architecture such as Ysios designed by Santiago Calatrava or Marques de Riscal by Franck Gehry. So this is really a day to share a glass of wine with passionate wine drinkers, to admire the beauty of this region and to learn about the Rioja history, gastronomy and culture!
⭐The Premier Food & Wine Tour of Bilbao
-We will do as the Basques do! A bar hopping tour of Bilbao. We (the Basque people!) demonstrate our love of gastronomy with these tasty little bar snacks. We will visit 5 BARS WITH 8 PINTXOS AND 5 DRINKS INCLUDED. - We will try the special pintxos, the ones you don't see on the bars! I will order them for you and the chef will make them instantly for you. This is one of the many insider tips I will show you on my tour of Bilbao. -We are going to sample the traditional pintxos and also others that have been given AWARDS in the famous pintxo competitions! You will experience all Bilbao has to offer on this tour with stops at very modern bars, and also stops at some of the oldest bars in the city! -I will teach you how to order pintxos as it can be quite overwhelming to a first time visitor. After my tour you will have the confidence to go in any bar in the city! -I pair the pintxos with a wine most suitable to type of food we are experiencing. We will sample red and white wine, cider, and other drinks on this tour. -I know the best bars in my city and what to order as I was born and raised in Bilbao! There are many mentioned online, but you are sure to experience some of the best lesser known local establishments on a Basque pintxo tour with me! Other things to note: Please come hungry! This will be a FULL MEAL!!!
The Architectural Rioja Wine Tour
If you are visiting Bilbao is very likely that you love gastronomy and architecture. In this experience we will head to La Rioja wine region to visit two of the most amazing wineries in Rioja and the world. Marques de Riscal designed by Franck Gehry and Ysios designed by Santiago Calatrava. Two fascinating buildings with SUPERB wines. you will taste at least 6 wines and learn everything about Rioja wine making, our classification control board, our grapes and our terroir! On top of that we will visit the magical medieval village of Laguardia a lovely walled village with cobbled streets and stunning gothic churches. This town is devoted to wine and it has some of the most amazing views 360º over the Rioja vineyards and the range of mountains of Sierra Cantabria! For lunch you will enjoy some Riojano tapas with some local wine!
Pintxo Tour with Food Expert
The only Food and photography expert-led PINTXO TOUR in Bilbao. Join me for walking, photographing, eating & drinking experience you'll never forget! We'll visit 5 different bars for a glass & a pintxo (sophisticated Basque tapa) at each one. It's a full meal & exactly what the locals like to do. You'll BE A LOCAL with me! Along the route, I'll tell you about the history & culture of the Basque Country, the surroundings of the Guggen and we will visit the RIBERA MARKET if we have time left but my focus is definitely on FOOD & DRINK. The menu changes daily depending on​ the offer we can get in the bars, but we'll do a mix from the traditional to the modern. Expect to eat anchovies, bacalao in pil-pil sauce, squid, foie gras, local cheese... and ending of course, with a traditional dessert. Thirsty? I'm great at pairing the perfect pour with the perfect plate, from local ciders to white wine (txakoli), young & aged wine​ from La Rioja & beyond maybe we'll dip into some vermouth too? Or want to try our local drink Kalimotxo? There's always beer also! Other things to note: Plan on doing A LOT of walking, 2.5 km (more or less). Eat on your feet, I cannot guarantee to seat​ on a table (you will understand it when you see it). Alert me of food allergies. Open-minded​ vegetarians can get by, vegans no, sorry. Non-drinkers, you are welcome!.
Bilbao Pintxos & Friends
Our pintxo pote Discovery experience starts at Ribera Market, the largest covered food market in Europe and where both Michelin star chiefs and ordinary citizens stock up on some of the best food the city has to offer. We want you to get to understand the importance of food in how we socialize with each other and the special little tricks to do it like a local. Afterwards, it is time to dive into the Old Town and its hidden secrets, so our first stop would be one of the classic bar where "txikiteros", the local wine drinkers, sing songs while drinking. If we are lucky we have the option to share with them a wine and a classic aperitivo discussing about the traditions and symbols of the Basque Country. Following, we will head to iconic Plaza Nueva, to taste 2 pintxos and learn about the local basque wine: Txakoli in one of its local bar. Once we have visited the old Town, we will cross the River to enter the Ensanche, the economic center of the city.. We will visit a very historic bar an we will have the chance to taste Rioja wines, as well as pintxos that mix the most-avangarde cuisine with the most traditional flavours of local products. Your tour ends here, where you´ll not only be full of tasty pintxos, but also have a newfound knowledge of local culture and traditions. And most importantly, you´ll feel like an authentic Bilbaíno
Tour San Juan de Gaztelugatxe y Urdaibai
Visitaremos algunos de los lugares más hermosos de todo el País Vasco, que además son clave para entender la historia y cultura de esta tierra. Una visita a Urdaibai, área en la que he crecido, visitando lugares mundialmente conocidos como San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Gernika o Bermeo. Nuestro viaje nos llevará primero a la zona de San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, famoso por ser el escenario de Rocadragón en la famosa serie “Juego de Tronos”. Actualmente, debido a un corrimiento de tierra no es posible visitar la capilla, por lo que accederemos a varios miradores para contemplar la belleza del lugar. Continuaremos hacia Bermeo, para visitar la que fue capital de la provincia hasta 1602 y descubrir un elemento central de la historia vasca: el mar. La visita finaliza en Gernika, pueblo clave para entender la cultura vasca, donde descubriremos la trágica historia de su bombardeo, que inspiro a Picasso para pintar su famoso cuadro “Guernica”. Me encantaría que me acompañaseis a descubrir mi zona favorita de todo el País Vasco. He crecido jugando, nadando y pescando en este hermoso rincón de nuestra geografía y hoy es el día que quiero compartirlo contigo, ¿te animas?
Slow Food- Conoce cerdos Felices en Guipúzcoa
Visita guiada a la casa de nuestros Euskal txerri y sus alrededores. Podremos disfrutar de los bosques de hayas, robles, castaños, nogales y avellanos por los que campan nuestros queridos cerdos. Libres a lo largo de toda su vida. En la casa que les da cobijo, podremos ver a alguna de las cerdas madres que ha parido hace poco y amamanta a su pequeña prole durante 40 días. Os explicaremos el proceso de vida, cría y engorde de nuestros felices cerdos. Tras haber satisfecho la curiosidad acerca de la biodiversidad que nos rodea, el cómo, cuándo y por qué comenzamos con este proyecto familiar, nos iremos acercando a nuestro Caserío. Os aseguro que nos iremos muchos años atrás en la Historia. Mientras caminamos hacia nuestro Caserío podremos apreciar la antigua arquitectura de una calera del siglo XVIII y una fuente del XIX. Al llegar a nuestro Caserío podreis observar la belleza de estos antiguos edificios históricos construidos siglos atrás con la robustez que les dan los muros de piedra caliza de mampostería, ventanas con piedra de sillería, Arcos en Carpanel y el entramado y la carpintería de madera que les da ese confort y habitabilidad, de forma que el paso del tiempo va embelleciendo. Después les invitaremos a una degustación de nuestros embutidos tanto fríos como calientes. Otros aspectos destacables Es preferible que traigan calzado cómodo para montaña. Pero también pueden ser zapatillas como unas Vans o Converse si no ha llovido.
Bilbao Night tour
Bilbao is a very beautiful city with nice urban architecture that knows very well how to mix between the old and new style which create a unique contrast, for that reason a night tour is the best way to visit the City. Because we have a friendly way to show you around hiden local spots that are related to the bsaque culture and gastronomy why not also history, so join us for a maximum fun, knowledge and adventure to feel like a local after your tour .
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